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Travel Startups Guide 2019

The contribution of travel and tourism industry increased from 8.17 trillion USD in 2010 to 10.84 trillion USD in 2017, according to Statista. The industry is one of the world’s largest industries. Looking at the boom in the industry, we can say the time is ripe for startups to venture in the travel

Travel Startups Guide 2019

Monday December 24, 2018,

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On Google, in the last month, around 100K – 1M users searched for cheap hotels, 1M – 10M searched for cheap flights and 1K to 10K for best car rentals. The Google Search stats are promising. Isn’t it? Indeed, they are. 

How do I get customers for the travel, hotel, car rental or other services? 

This is the first question that resonates the mind of any beginner in the industry. Well, technology has got you covered. Look at the Top Meta Search Engines that can drive your customer acquisition strategy and bookings. 

What are meta search engines or travel search engines?

Like Google or Bing, they provide answers to the search queries regarding travel. They are neither an online travel agency, nor an airline, nor a tour-operator. They make it easier for travelers to find the information and services they are looking for. Naturally, they have got the audience you are looking for.


Consider Kayak as your meta search engine, if you have to get an edge over the competition in countries like United States, Canada, Japan, China, and Germany. Its Alexa ranking in the US is 246. It also maintains a healthy worldwide ranking of 926. You can get paid referrals looking for flights, hotels, car rentals, etc., for their travel or vacation.


If you want to serve customers in the United States, Greece, Mexico, Japan, and Argentina, and Gulf countries, Skyscanner could be the best Meta search engine for you. You can get referral customers for flight, hotel and car bookings. Skyscanner maintains a growing Alexa ranking of 897 in the US. Its global ranking has dropped in the recent past to hit 3,053.


If your target market is the United States, Japan, China, India, and Qatar, this could be a viable solution for your customer acquisition strategy. The website’s US Alexa rank is 4,280, and the global rank is 11,215. Its global ranking has witnessed a significant drop in the recent past.


If your startup is to target the economies of the United States, India, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Italy, Jetradar can be an option to get customers looking for flight and hotel rooms.


Consider Lilogo as your affiliate partner if you want to serve customers in France, the United States, Spain, India, and Australia. Its US Alexa ranking is 14,419 is, and the global one is 134,759. 

Other popular meta search engines include Hipmunk, Priceline, Hotwire, Wego, and FareCompare.

How to integrate travel meta search engine with your travel website?

Approach your travel search engine partner and share your API with them. They will integrate it with their search engine and redirect the traffic to your website’s cart or shopping page, which could be similar to the one shown below.

Cart or Booking Page
Cart or Booking Page

Image Credit: Cheapfaremart

Wondering how customers can book a flight, hotel or car without checking available flight, hotel or car rental deals and comparing respective fares? Well, the users complete the first two stages on the travel search engine’s website. Once they take the final step of booking, they are routed to your site.

Now from there, it’s the responsibility of your staff to help customers complete the booking process filling the right information and payment details. Once the card issuer approves the payment processing, you need to issue the e-ticket to your customer.

With more and more travelers going online to plan their vacation, the sky is the only limit for you. Cheers!