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Trends in Healthcare Wearables and How They Impact our Lives

Trends in Healthcare Wearables and How They Impact our Lives

Monday January 21, 2019,

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The wearable technology has been accepted by a lot of brands and people, but at the same time it has also faced some skepticism. While it has seen considerable growth in the past few years, it expected to boom in the coming years. This growth will involve high-tech medical products like smart pills and other varieties of treatments, especially for chronic diseases. Wearable technology includes devices like pacemakers, activity trackers etc. This has changed the way wearable app development services work. In the near future, there will be advancements that will completely eliminate the requirement of bulky files for a patient. Let us take a look at some of the major trends in healthcare wearables.

  • Smaller Devices: Wearable devices used to be big and clunky, because of which a lot of consumers didn’t prefer using them. The biggest trend is the minimization of the devices and they have also become pretty fashionable. Wearables devices are designed in a way that they can be can worn as accessories. Wearable devices have now become compact and light-weight. They will also become agile and affordable for almost everyone.

  • Smarter Wearable Apps: Wearable app development services are now keeping up with modern technologies. Wearable applications now make use of augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques. This helps the wearable devices in becoming smarter and also perform most of the human work.

  • Doctor-Patient Personalization Model: Patients these days are not patient enough to wait for a doctor to arrive to diagnose the disease. They would require the doctor to offer even more personalized treatment individually. This will be possible with wearable technology. Body sensors collect large volume of data and personalization of the healthcare experience is made much easier. It will be possible in the future where patients will be treated not according to the clinical standards, but instead the solution will depend on the basis of personal data and conditions. Doctors are communicating with their patients and this is bringing a shift from generalization to personalization. It will also be very easy to access patient information. This will allow doctors to find the right treatment options quicker and much efficiently.

  • Varied use cases of wearables: Wearables will make it even more convenient for tracking a patient’s health. Medical grade wearable devices have increased in number and they not only help monitor but also in treating and rehabilitating chronic diseases. Wearable devices will also help in post operative care by tracking a number of conditions like Blood Pressure and Heart functioning. The way wearable devices and apps are being accepted, it depends more on the way wearable app development services work.

  • Wider Range of devices: Devices like trackers and smartwatches are increasing in number, but in addition to that there is Google Glass that can be worn with your regular glasses. There are many other body parts that require wearable devices are still lagging. The current trend is to invent more and more devices for different body parts. In a few years, people will be able to track their health and also monitor fitness from tip to toe.


Wearable app development service are expected to boom and increase in the next few years. There will also be many improvements and advancements that change the way wearable devices and apps are being developed and created. The wearables industry is changing and evolving constantly. The future of wearables will have varied faces in the near future. Wearable app development companies will enjoy in the coming years as they will be working on advancements that help in bringing a major shift in wearable devices. So contact your Wearable app developer for your Wearable app development.