India MSME Summit 2022: Considering stock market listing? This panel has got you covered!

On Day 2 of the India MSME Summit 2022, panellists talk about what it takes for MSMEs to get listed on the stock market.

India MSME Summit 2022: Considering stock market listing? This panel has got you covered!

Wednesday June 22, 2022,

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For the last four years, SMBStory, a part of YourStory, has organised the India MSME Summit to help Indian micro, small and medium enterprises spot and grab emerging opportunities. 

The biggest summit for small businesses in India is back!

In this week-long celebration, from June 21 to June 27, we are talking to MSMEs, industry experts, trade associations, and government bodies about opportunities and challenges in the sector. The summit will culminate on June 27 which is the Grand Finale as well as India MSME Day. 

Day 2 of the summit brings you an interesting panel discussion on “Boosting SMBs Beyond Bootstrapping.”

Nearly a decade after the BSE and the NSE set up dedicated platforms for the listing of India’s SMEs, the number of SMEs listing via IPOs (Initial Public Offering) has increased.


More than the actual listings, it is the ever-growing interest among a wide range of SMEs in the stock market that makes one wonder whether 2022 will be a watershed year for SME IPOs?

SMBStory sought answers to some of the common questions related to small and medium businesses getting listed. 

At India MSME Summit, a panel consisting of Hritesh Lohiya, Founder and Chief Financial Officer of Priti International, and Raman Bhatia, Founder and Managing Director of Servotech Power Systems, discuss what it takes for small businesses to go for an IPO. 

Top takeaways from the discussion:

Have a plan: According to Raman, only those small businesses that have a good plan and vision will be able to succeed in the stock market. Raman also added that a founder’s reasons to get his company listed should also be very clear. 

Visibility: According to Hritesh, listing on the stock market brings visibility for the company and its products. Citing his own example, he said that before his company got listed, it was present only in the international market. But after getting listed on National Stock Exchange’s SME Emerge Platform, it started getting orders from the domestic market as well.

A new beginning: Raman added that getting listed on the stock exchange is a new beginning and not a destination. It will open doors to various opportunities, brand building, scaling the business up, unlocking wealth, and more. 

Transparency: One of the key aspects for getting listed for any company is to have its financials and books of accounts right. “

If your fundamentals are clear from day one and you are ready to share them with your shareholders or partners, then you wouldn’t face any problem while considering an Initial Public Offering,” says Raman.

Why consider the SME platform? According to Hritesh, SME Exchange platform is like “primary school” for any MSME. He says that getting listed on the SME platform prepares any company for the challenges and opportunities that are there on the main board.  

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Edited by Affirunisa Kankudti