10 reasons to attend the country’s most influential summit for small businesses—India MSME Summit 2022

The fourth edition of India MSME Summit 2022 is just a week away. The event, from June 21 to 27, will see entrepreneurs, government officials, and policymakers come together to share their insights on the resilience and growth of the sector.

10 reasons to attend the country’s most influential summit for small businesses—India MSME Summit 2022

Tuesday June 14, 2022,

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The fourth edition of India’s most influential summit for micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs)—India MSME Summit 2022 is just a week away. It is the only place where you’ll find entrepreneurs, industry stalwarts, government officials, and ecosystem experts come together to deep dive into the growth engine of India—the MSME sector.

The summit will focus on MSMEs that are on a growth trajectory and discuss how small businesses can move ‘beyond resilience’—which is the event’s theme this year. 

Here are 10 reasons why you should not miss the summit. 

Learn from the best 

The India MSME Summit brings you some of the most prominent names from the industry including policymakers, entrepreneurs, industrialists, business leaders, investors, and coaches to share their expertise. 

Learn from the best of the best who have seen the sector up close. 

Ecosystem insights

The week-long summit will highlight trends and insights of the MSME ecosystem that aim to help both aspiring and established entrepreneurs pave their way into the industry. 

Deep dive into rising sectors

In an era where entrepreneurship is at its all-time high, the India MSME Summit will keep a focus on the new-age rising sectors helping entrepreneurs to adapt to the new normal and successfully build their businesses. 

From handloom to travel, and other segments, discussions will focus on the rising sectors of the economy, especially in the area of sustainability. 


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Building network

The India MSME Summit has been instrumental in making peer-to-peer connections. We are expecting more than 3,000 attendees from across the country. 

Digital skilling

The COVID-19 pandemic provided a much-needed tailwind to the MSME sector, enabling players to adopt digital services. These MSMEs need hand-holding in digital skilling and the panels at the summit are curated in a way to help companies make the most of the digital services. 

Financial skilling

MSMEs often struggle with accessing working capital to fund their growing business, making financial skills an important part of the trade. At the summit, industry experts will deep dive into better credit adoption, resource planning, and a lot more. 

Growing a manufacturing business

In line with the clarion call for Aatmanirbhar Bharat, the week-long summit will enable entrepreneurs to learn about ways to strengthen their R&D, the importance of backward integration in manufacturing, self-reliance, etc. 

Masterclasses for scaling up

India MSME Summit 2022 will have industry leaders host power-packed sessions on ways to scale business. 

Speed dial investors

Attendees can look forward to building their network with investors. Meet like-minded people at India MSME Summit 2022 who align with your business goals and aspirations. 

The MSME report

The event culminates with the launch of the MSME report, which will include insights about the MSME ecosystem, data, trends, future prospects, and a lot more.

So join us from June 21-27, 2022 at India MSME Summit 2022 to be a part of a fully-immersive, inspiring and unique experience of growing in the new normal and thinking beyond resilience. 

Join us in this virtual event by registering on the link here. To partner at the India MSME Summit 2022, click here.

Edited by Affirunisa Kankudti