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Best of Weekender: Tete-a-tete with author Arpit Bakshi, a homegrown brand that boosts children’s cognitive development, and more

This week, YSWeekender also brought to you stories about a specialty hospital that offers state-of-the-art medical care to all kinds of pets and some insights on portion control and weight loss.

Best of Weekender: Tete-a-tete with author Arpit Bakshi, a homegrown brand that boosts children’s cognitive development, and more

Sunday November 28, 2021,

2 min Read

About 80 percent of the human brain is formed by age three. Learning about this led Delhi-based entrepreneur and parent Shreya Mittal to launch Curious Cub — an early education platform that imparts age-appropriate cognitive skills through playtime. Co-founded by Shreya and her brother Pulkit Bansal, this homegrown startup was launched in May 2021.

The startup makes age-appropriate play kits based on the Montessori philosophy of education, aimed at the cognitive development of children up to 3-year-old.

DCC Animal Hospital

DCC Animal Hospital

Pets are always great companions, and need care and love. During the pandemic, many pet owners formed deep relationships with their pets, who need elevated upkeep and care.

This is why the launch of Gurugram-based DCC Pets (Dogs Cats and Companions) Animal Hospital is well-timed. This multi-speciality pet healthcare facility promoted by Japan and Singapore-based company A’alda offers emergency, in-patient, and out-patient facilities for all pets and companions.

Its proprietary software also makes the consultation procedure an easy one for pet parents to navigate.

Arpit Bakshi

Author Arpit Bakshi feels that Indian mythology is a huge source of unlimited wisdom – so the choice to write fantasy sci-fi fiction rooted in India was a 'natural one'.

When a story incorporates characters from Indian mythology in a fast-paced thrilling setting, it is bound to catch the attention of many.

Aware of this, author Arpit Bakshi chose to set his books – the Maha Vishnu Trilogy – in the time of Lord Vishnu. High on the success of the first book in the series called The Code of Manavas, Arpit quickly churned out the second book, The Exile of Mukunda, which is now available in all major bookstores across India and on ecommerce platforms like Amazon.

In a tete-a-tete with Weekender, he reveals more details about his writing process and inspirations.

food portion

Nothing might be as confusing as the nutrition world. There are opposing views on everything — from ingredients to diets. Possibly, the most common approach across India is portion control and calorie restriction. There are several ways this is usually done.

Sometimes the approach can become complex and put a lot of pressure on eating. However, this is not the only reason that portion control can be problematic.

On the face of it, portion control is sustainable, you do not have to eliminate specific foods and therefore you can feel that you are not deprived.

While it allows you to eat everything, the fact is that the quantity you can eat of everything is so restricted that you just end up hungry. Read here to find out more.