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Nakul Kumar and Mandeep Manocha (Directors) /Founders, ReGlobe (Manak Waste Management Pvt Ltd)


Reglobe Founders

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure quite literally in our featured entrepreneurs’ case which just goes to show that you can make money out of anything.

Before you throw away that old mobile phone of yours pay heed to what Nakul Kumar and Mandeep Manocha have to offer. Their company “ReGlobe (Manak Waste Management Pvt ltd)” is the chief factor behind the Take Back program for Nokia.

Nakul told us more saying “The Company bagged its first contract with Nokia and has played a crucial role in the high decibel Take Back program for Nokia. At present the program is running in the markets and proving to be a systematic process of collection of mobile e-waste from end-consumers at company’s stores and service centers across India. As an innovative addition, ReGlobe has also taken the campaign to corporate offices across India and added to the convenience of the consumer.”

Business Idea- The duo told us exactly how they infuse value into articles that seem to have lost their worth saying “ReGlobe is the only company in the country in the end-of-life product disposal domain and provide professional innovative solutions. These solutions comprise of designing/formulating the best disposal techniques for maximum value recovery and then executing the project in the most cost effective process.”

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What sets them apart- The environmentally aware duo have made a stand and told us that they do more than just offer advice saying “Mission of ReGlobe is to work together with responsible organizations and develop long-term relationships that help provide convenient, environmentally responsible waste management solutions. We just don’t act as advisors to the company but are involved from designing situation/product specific solutions (focus on maximum value recovery & minimum environmental impact) to Project Management (Initiation, Planning, Execution, Monitoring & Closing).”

Their entrepreneurial journey – Reglobe FounderReglobe FounderNakul and Mandeep became involved in entrepreneurship for much the same reasons. They explained their motivations saying “A 9-5 job is something that could never excite us and we always wanted to do something we love. Our unique identity which we would make as entrepreneurs is something which we did not envision getting in a job. Also our desire to contribute in the betterment of the society led us to choose the path of Social/Green Entrepreneurship”

“The biggest challenge so far has been keeping the internal enthusiasm levels high and to keep working towards our goal, steering clear from the short term desires of taking up a well paying job and lead a normal life devoid of these daily challenges and fire fights.”

“Apart from this, the major challenge in business has been the lack of awareness at various levels regarding the responsible and environmentally sound waste management practices and lack of proper enforcement of legislations and policies. In the case of e-waste even the legislation is not in place.”

“Thankfully we have yet not made that “Big” blunder but made following small mistakes which we feel have led to some setbacks:

Approaching a very big company for our first pitch was one big mistake. Your first pitch will never be prefect and you can’t afford to go wrong in front of a big client.”

The duo confess that the upward struggle can be very disheartening at times and say “Yes, every Monday we feel like giving up and looking for a job but by the end of the week We are pretty sure that the path we have chosen is the right path for us. We guess this is a natural phenomenon which most of the entrepreneurs face J”

They also stated the factors that make them change their minds as they go from Monday to Friday saying “The fact that it actually is a enjoyable “rollercoaster” ride is one of the prime reasons to stay buckled. When we compare our happiness and work satisfaction levels with our peers settled in hefty paying cushiony jobs, our intent of staying put strengthens. Strong belief in our abilities and inherent desire to succeed and make a difference makes this rollercoaster ride all the more exciting.”

Future Plans- They may be into waste management for the moment but there is more to “ReGlobe” than just waste solutions. “The long-term vision is not only limited to waste, but we foresee ourselves playing a huge part in sustainable development while protecting the environment. In waste we plan to get into different domain and not restricted to e-waste space.”

“Scaling up is a natural process which would happen slowly once we move ahead on our path and get more projects or clients. Currently the focus is to provide best services in the most professional manner with transparency, integrity and commitment.”

Entrepreneurial lessons – The duo summed up the essence of what they have learnt so far saying “Keep focus on one business line, if you try juggling too many things at one time then none of them yield results. Enjoy the chaos that everyday challenges bring along…“Too much Research” is Fatal and leaves you confused. Follow your Gut.”

Yourstory wishes Nakul and Mandeep luck and hopes to see their efforts come to fruition. We are eager to see what other innovative approaches to waste management solutions they will come up with in the coming future.

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