Startup which is steadily building one stop solution for all kinds of Events Tickets, - One stop solution for all kinds of Events Listing and TicketsPersonal Pain leads to starting up of!

After running a B2B business in US for more then 9 years, Naidu Darapaneni wanted to start another B2C business inIndia. Naturally to get a feel of the market and see what are the Indian consumers looking at, he started attending startup and trade events. To his utter disappointment, he could not find a place where he could get to know about all the entrepreneurship events happening acrossIndia plus other trade related events. This made him dig deep and he found that there was no consolidated and comprehensive platform for events listing inIndia. And so was born the idea of, an end to end events listing, ticketing and events promotion platform for Indian event organisers to talk about their events and sell tickets online and for consumers to find all kinds of events listed in one place.

What differentiates
Rather then going first after the cash cows of online ticketing -movies, cricket etc MeraEvents went after the B2B / trade/industry events across the country (under served segment in the online ticketing business), and quickly established its presence in this professional events segment.

“Serving this segment was also a big learning curve for me”, says Naidu, which led to modifications in the offerings and services of MeraEvents. Some of the changes which we Incorporated were to not bundle event listing and promotions together. Most of the event organisers clearly asked for solutions to promote their events online, which will lead to more ticket sales, today we have solutions specifically catering to that. Also we have learnt that in India, still the event organisers are not very comfortable to sell tickets just online but use multiple channels and touchpoints for sales, we have expanded and offer 360 degree platform for ticket sales.

Topping this is the execution and “wow” factor which we create for all our customers, its a policy within our startup to treat every event as our own event. If you have observed the client list of MeraEvents you will see a 100 percent repeat clientele and a very fast growth in the numbers of new clients we are acquiring. The word of mouth endorsement of our services has worked for us and helped us scale rapidly”, adds, Naidu.

What can we expect from in the coming months?
We will be setting sales offices in the next few months in the major cities of India and every quarter organise a workshop sort of event for our clients ( event organisers etc) on how to promote and market their events plus the nitty gritty of online ticket sales etc.
Selling tickets across all the verticals – professional events, entertainment, sports etc

Naidu Darapaneni, Founder, MeraEventsWhat has worked for
Clearly, its my team. Most of the guys in the team are with me from day one, they all enterprising themselves and see MeraEvents as their own babies. If you have such a motivated team then you cannot go wrong. Be it a Sunday or any time of the day or night, they are on their toes to answer and support the clients.

Naidu’s take on Meraevents and opportunities in this space
I believe the online ticketing market has a huge potential inIndia and we are at a great inflection point. Internet usage is on an upward growth path, add to it the rise in mobile commerce..we will see most of the purchases happening online and ticketing will be one big chunk of this phenomena. has done the ground work, learnt and strengthened its backend, understands  the consumer behaviour and is poised to be one of the key players in this space. The Indian market is huge where 70 percent of the events are still not online. with more players and competition in this space we will see an overall growth in this space. Ofcourse more competition will help us grow too as we remain committed to making events a success. Our tag line says it all -“Think Events, Think

Why we at YourStory believe in the story?

1. Online ticketing is definitely growing inIndiaand so are the number of events both large scale and small ones.

2. Naidu – the entrepreneur behind – is quintessentially your down to earth, self made guy who goes out of the way to make things happen

3. Strong team

If you have not worked with already, do try them out and let us know what you think of them? For all those who have worked with Naidu and his team earlier, do let us know your views too.

Shradha Sharma


Shradha Sharma

Shradha Sharma