Cloud Conversations: Podcast with Raghavan Subramanian, AVP, Infosys

Cloud Conversations is a series of interviews and podcasts with the key players of the Cloud ecosystem in India. We will bring you our interactions with the thought leaders from the Service Providers, ISVs, Solution Providers, SaaS Product companies, VCs and Startups.

Raghavan SubramanianIn this episode, Krishnan Subramanian talks to Ragahavan Subramanian (Raghu), AVP at Infosys. Raghavan heads the cloud computing and performance-engineering centers of excellence. He is responsible for Infosys service offerings, building competencies, creating IP and adoption accelerators as well in establishing Infosys thought leadership in this space. He was earlier the product manager for the Infosys Social Media platform, a SaaS offering. In this role he was responsible for the creation of several web 2.0 modules like video-uploads, blogs, online communities, forums, social analytics and integrating them in a holistic manner.

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Janakiram MSV

Janakiram MSV

Janakiram MSV heads the Cloud Infrastructure Services at Aditi Technologies. He contributes to cloud related articles on A former employee of Microsoft and Amazon, Janakiram built a cloud consulting company that recently got acquired by Aditi Technologies. He is an analyst with GigaOM Research contributing to the Cloud related market research and analysis. He can be reached at