“Don’t be boxed, Dissolve it”, says Santosh Sharma, Founder,Conscious Advisory Services

Dissolve The Box from Conscious Advisory Services- is one of those cases wherein an idea is firmly at the centre and it drives everything around it. Usually an idea leads to a product or service that is then marketed but with Dissolve the Box, the idea never leaves centre stage. Born into a very humble family that struggled to have two square meals a day, Santosh Sharma climbed the ladders of the corporate world after an education for which his parents sacrificed everything. Santosh supported his family after this and fulfilled the dream of pulling his family out of poverty. But there was something missing; there was a still a lack of purpose.

Santosh had an idea and with the support from his wife Ambika and teacher T.S.Prakash, he decided to call it quits and began his entrepreneurial journey. He authored the book, “Next What’s In” which deals with the idea “Dissolve The Box” and it was launched to critical acclaim by The Hindu and BusinessWorld.

Founder, Santosh Sharma

A management method or strategy to unlock the bottlenecks for real growth.  Dissolve the box idea is  guided by the designing intelligence of 15, 000 years and much more influencing individuals, civilizations and organizations in the past, guiding the present and shaping the future.

Example: If you ask a thief to think outside the box what will he do? Probably he will steal better as he continues to respond from the platform of a thief.  The deeper boxes still remain as a reference point. But if you ask the same person to “dissolve the box” he will not limit and abuse himself anymore. He will realize who he really is and will appreciate that he is not just a thief but stealing is a habit which he has picked up. He dissolves his boundaries. This is not just an incremental but a radical shift.

“By dissolving the boxes we become natural leaders, have increased coping mechanisms, learn to design thoughts and solutions, create fertile organizational culture, learn to see deeper, wider and faster into situations.” says Santosh. ” We free ourselves from our mental blocks to design inclusive, relevant and intelligent growth.” he adds.

How is the idea put into practice?

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Registered as Conscious Advisory Services, Santosh and his team add value in the field of management science to help organizations unlock their real value.

There are four areas by which they do this:

1) Continuous Research and development (Universal Lab) – Apart from Dissolve the box, Santosh has  designed many other useful and relevant ideas like “From Thought to Intent Leadership”, “From Physical to Mental Flatteners flattening the world”, Management U.0 and Gross Universal Index.

2) Books and speaking engagements – The first book “Next What’s In” has been a success. The idea is designed into a 2 – 5 day programme for organizations and it is even getting converted into a 30 hour syllabus at some of the IIMs and other premier institutes.

3) Training and consulting – Patented methods, softwares and tools that are simple yet powerful to put the ideas into practice at work stations have been developed. “UQ Matrix” is a thought designing and decision making tool. Many other tools like GOLFCUP have been developed. GOLFCUPTM is a qualitative and quantitative measuring technique which enables individual and organizations to measure the value addition from DTB ideas and initiatives vis-a-vis its cost. GOLFCUPTM helps in measuring the shift in the desired parameters from the original levels.

4) Collaborative softwares – These are patented tools presently in the designing and development phase.

DTB is a Universal Idea and therefore it is applicable to an organization of any size and for any period. “Our first client was ICICI Pru, followed by East Bengal Club and many other organizations including educational institutes.” says Santosh.

CAS is an organization designed to run on Dissolve the box model where the team aims to “earn more to share more” for an intelligent, inclusive and sustainable growth. “We generate our own funds by offering products and services that are relevant and valuable to customers and we use these funds to achieve the UI World Vision 2030.” says Santosh.  “By 2030 we intend to reach out to 20% of the world population by freeing them from their mental traps.” adds Santosh on an optimistic note.

If this interests you, here are  a few other ideas from the house of CAS

From thought to Intent Leadership : Intent gives rise to thought. It is finer than thought and is therefore, more powerful. Thought leadership is just like watering the leaves of a tree whereas intent leadership is actually like watering the roots and therefore is more relevant. Intent has greater designing intelligence as it is in tune with the Law of fine. This is going to guide tomorrow’s leaders and enterprises.

From physical to mental flatteners flattening the world: Physical flatteners like World Wide Web, air connectivity, breaking down of geographical and historical boundaries, social networking etc. are breaking down the barriers and flattening the world, but only superficially. Mental Flatteners are the real flatteners and until we dissolve our mental traps real flattening will not happen. Through mental flatteners only companies will be able to make Global presence.

Management U.0 : Management 1.0 – Traditional management, Management 2.0 – Web based modern organizations. Management U.0 is not just an incremental shift but a paradigm change where we manage through the Universal Laws that has given birth and which manages the Universe. These Laws do not change but causes all change to happen in a scientific manner.  Only when organizations align to these laws they experience seamless integration.

More on the website.

– Jubin Mehta

About the author

Jubin is an old timer at YourStory. Deeply entrenched in the Indian startup ecosystem, he has written about and analysed more than 1000 startups. He operates from the mountains in Dharamshala where he plays with technology, farming and eco-construction. He can be reached on Twitter @jub_in and on mail at

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