Pre Cared: An Online Portal for Pre-Used Baby Care Products


With the upsurge in the baby care market in India, a lot of companies have ventured into this space. Pre Cared is one such company, but with a small, yet perhaps, significant difference. Pre Cared sells used baby products online. They buy products from parents who have no further use of them, and after cleaning and sanitizing them, put it up for sale on their website.

Pre Cared was founded by Tabrez Khan and started its online operations in June 2011. Tabrez has 12 years of experience in sales and marketing. It is currently based out of Mumbai and has a team of 5 people.

Most baby products are used very sparingly (2 to 24 months) and often, remain in an excellent condition. Compulsions of having a nuclear family and leading a city life, do not allow parents to pass the products on to anyone else and, space constraints often compel parents to give away these items to people who don’t really need or value them. These findings led to the birth of Pre Cared.

“Indians are value conscious, and if provided with an opportunity to get great condition branded stuff at half the price, they would surely make use of it. The concerns of assurance and hygiene, if taken care of, would result in parents trusting Pre Cared as a brand,” said Tabrez Khan, Founder, Pre Cared.

Pre Cared is trying to create a niche in the large and growing baby care market. Their USP lies in the fact that they provide good condition products at less than 50% of the cost and also promote recycling. If parents don’t want to accept money for the product that they sell to Pre Cared, then the money is donated, on their behalf, to an NGO.

Pre Cared buys products at some percentage of the MRP and sells it at a higher percentage. That makes up their revenue model. “We are planning to reach revenue of Rs 1 crore through sourcing from Mumbai. After we achieve that number, we have plans to increase our sourcing reach and have a mix of online/offline/other channels to become a major player in the baby care segment,” said Tabrez.

Pre Cared has recently been funded by MyFirstCheque. For more on this, read earlier coverage on

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With a target market growing at 20 % pa and worth approximately Rs. 20000 crores, Pre Cared sees itself as a leader in the baby care segment in the near future. “The ability to keep a large number of SKUs as compared to offline models and the projected growth of e-commerce Infrastructure in India makes it very exciting to be in this space,” said Tabrez.

The recognition associated with success and rebuke with failure, he feels, makes entrepreneurship more adventurous.

Pre Cared is a very interesting startup and we will be keenly following their progress.

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