SakRobotix: Robotics Startup from Orissa

This is a story about connecting with one’s roots, a story about humility and believing in a dream. After graduating from Anna University, Chennai in the year 2009 with a B.Tech Degree in IT, Sakyasingha Mahapatra worked briefly for a period of 8 months but then decided to follow his aspirations. Hailing from Orissa and his love for Robotics led him to startup something combining the two.

Quitting his job, battling financial problems and lacking the support from family, the odds were against Sakya. “I wanted to teach about the marvels of robotics and this led me to startup SakRobotix.” Having managed to get in a small batch of 8 students, Sakya began operations from a small room. “My expertise with technology and methodology of delivering it has been the USP from the beginning. Here I would like to thank Founding Director of Alligator Automation, Pune Mr.Srinivas Choudhury and Mr.Krunal Kantale for their continuous support with robotics kits and components as well as guiding me.” Says Sakya.

Having started up in early 2010, Sakrobotix started getting bigger by the day. Learning from mistakes and through continuous support from TIE Charter Kolkata, Sakrobotix expanded. Sakya has managed to grow this company to a team of 8 now which has in turn partially fulfilled his dream which involved creating job opportunities in Orissa. Having repaid the loan of Rs 1.5 lakh he took from local people, Sakrobotix now sees a regular cashflow. “We are getting amazing feedback for our services and few colleges have come forward to sign an MOU, to take this start up as a Robotics training partner to their institute/university.” Informs Sakya enthusiastically.

Founder, SakyaSingha Mahapatra

“Sak Mechatronic Center” aims to be a solution for all students and professionals to learn robotics, basic electronics, electronics circuit design, embedded system, microcontroller, industrial automation, PLC, SCADA and mechatronics . The SakRobotix Research Promotion Scheme (SRPS) will assign students with modular development of the product and will be supported with stipend.

Training is only a part of this startup. “The focus of the company is to develop great products as consumer robots, robotic toys, educational robots, defence equipment, underwater robotic application and industrial robotics applications.” says Sakya brimming with ambition. “Now, we are looking forward to incubate at IIT Madras- Research park for our R&D base to develop few great products and we are working hard on the same.” adds Sakya.

More about SakRobotix here and on similar lines, TechTots, a student startup in the electronics space.

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  1. Congrats bhaina…Really happy for u.I wish u all the best and
    great days ahead in future.I am sure you will reach your
    destination very soon……:-)

  2. Hi Sakya, its a good to see you here.congrats for your success and
    hope one day Sakrobotix will be in a top position. keep it up.

  3. All the very Best . I would like to wish you to reach the ace of
    Success. Keep going; Don’t Look Back.

  4. Hey Sakya…its just the beginning…your efforts n innovative
    ideas will take u much higher…as ‘Success means winning the
    war,not every battle…it means attainment of ultimate objective’
    just keep going..u r on the right track..just go ahead…ALL THE
    VERY BEST Dear..

  5. Well done, I hope all the comments of your friends will provide
    more inspiration to u to move further. Have a great future.

  6. Congratulation Saky sir. All the best to your startup and
    entrepreneurial journey. Hope you will be coming with some new
    innovative products in future. Good Luck, Thanks

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