Ludovic Ulrich on Microsoft’s BizSpark Plus Program for India

Ludovic Ulrich from Microsoft’s BizSpark team outlines how startups in India can enter the BizSpark program. Since its launch in 2008, BizSpark has helped more than 50,000 entrepreneurs and 80,000 developers worldwide. Moving forward, BizSpark plus has been launched in India wherein a select group of entrepreneurs would be given up to $60,000 worth of Microsoft’s Cloud platform, Windows Azure. BizSpark has locally partnered with Accel Partners and The Morpheus to recognize the potential startups from India.

Here’s more about the program and entrepreneurship from Ludovic:

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2 thoughts on “Ludovic Ulrich on Microsoft’s BizSpark Plus Program for India

  1. Great to see big corporations doing things for startups! (Even if
    there is an ulterior motive, it’s a win win situation)

  2. Great to see this amazing Microsoft ‘s Bizspark program ! Surely
    startups can get a lead with this by taking the early advantage !!

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