Shadi Utsav: Planning Weddings with Panache!

Photography, once pursued as a hobby, has emerged as a passion cum profession for many. Wedding Photography is one such domain wherein people want to get the best shots that they can preserve for a life time. Shadi Utsav is one such solution for your photography needs, and wedding planning.

Our mission is to help couples celebrate each moment of their priceless wedding with natural and elegant touch that reflects and fit within their style. We work through the client requirements and make the entire wedding event memorable,” says Amit Pandey, Founder, Shadi Utsav.

Amit is a Software engineer by education. His efforts combined with the assistance of Anoop Padalkar, MBA, have led Shadi Utsav to a decent level. “We, now, have proudly served over 40 weddings across India!” says Amit.

In addition to providing services for photography and videography, Shadi Utsav helps the customers with choosing good caterer, stage decoration/flower decoration services, shopping guide, wedding budget, wedding venue, ambience, guest management services, return gifts etc.

Currently their offices are in 5 different locations in India namely Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi and Bangalore. Total resources of 28 are working full time to provide services.

With Shadi Utsav, Amit wants to cater to all the sections of the society and tailor the wedding planning as per each client’s requirements, providing all the wedding planning services under a single roof. A dedicated team is working all across India for providing quality services to their clients are some of the key factors that make Shadi Utsav unique. In addition to this, they have this capability to take up several projects from multiple clients at any point of time. They are flexible and have multiple teams working collaboratively towards that.

Their current revenue generation is around 9 lakhs a month. They plan to circulate the revenue generated from the customers back into the chain and expect their business to grow exponentially in the coming months. Till date they have involved themselves with only high-profiles weddings. As per team-Shadi Utsav’s vision, they plan to enter mid and average section weddings by end of this year.

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Shadi Utsav has got lots of career openings as they are constantly growing. They are seeking talented individuals who have this strong passion to grow up in their career ladder.

For your Wedding Planning/Photography needs do check out Shadi Utsav! Also, if you’re a startup facing hiring troubles, you should check out YourStory’s Job-Board!

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