How Eki Communications’ Cloud Based Mobile Solutions Help Maintain a Lean Organization

Cloud based solutions are the latest technological aids to any venture; however the aptly named Eki Communications has taken this innovation one step further. Their products are based around providing a complete suite of cloud based Enterprise Mobility Solutions for managing field transactions specifically targeted at Mid sized , Auto , Engg , Pharma , Hi –Tech , Marketing Research , and Consumer goods companies. Take ViziScan their latest offering as an example the solution is easy to use and only requires a mobile handset without expensive IT infrastructure. It is also highly secure using encrypted data and unique login ids.

Launched in late 2009 they have marketed themselves using direct marketing. They might have a current client base of 10+ enterprise customers but the numbers are still growing.

Based on a pay per use model they are a great fit for lean or agile manufacturing processes. The main challenge for them lies in dispelling the low awareness on Smart Device based solutions in Indian markets . Eki is venture funded by Blume Ventures.

About Eki Communications

Eki Communications  is a Mumbai, India based organization which provides a complete suite of cloud based Enterprise Mobility Solutions for managing field transactions. Mandar Vaidya the CEO at Eki Communications says “Our goal is to bring value for Enterprise Customers by providing secure software solutions leveraging mobile and tablet devices as enablers across platforms capturing & aggregating different forms of data (voice, image, form, text, barcode, etc) from the Last Mile or end consumer. Eki’s solutions can be integrated with enterprise systems as well.”

The founders and the team

Eki was founded by four technology professionals, Mandar Vaidya, Mahesh Labhe, Kavi Panjwani and Abhijit Deshpande, who are highly experienced in providing software product solutions  to the Global markets. Eki has a 19 people strong team which encompasses the Sales and Marketing, Development and Support functions.

Core competencies

Their versatility is their strength on the cloud platform as Sunil Palrecha the CMO at Eki explains, “Mobile data collaboration – We can capture and aggregate different forms of data (voice , image , form , image , barcode etc ) from Mobile devices and populate it on cloud. Our products span across verticals to provide multi modal information to enterprises to serve their customers better.”

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Their recent Launch of ViziScan

Sunil spoke on their most recent product Viziscan which he says is an effective yet low cost tool. He states, “We have recently launched ViziScan for enhanced visibility across the last mile in supply chains. In today’s uncertain economic environment, increasing profitability with a low investment solution is ‘the goal’ for every organization. ViziScan provides a unique solution that helps organizations access the last-mile data in their distribution channel thus enabling them to maintain optimum inventory levels and increase inventory turns within their supply chain. The ViziScan application captures sales as well as stock transactions based on barcodes/QR codes from secondary or tertiary supply chain nodes. Based on a cloud infrastructure, ViziScan enables easy daily data upload to the central server.”

The ViziScan application equally benefits both the customer and its retailers. An enterprise is able to avail of stock information on a real-time basis, analyze the movement of stock and draft a plan to manage inventory accordingly. Retailers on the other hand, are able to count on a steady cash flow as products are available as per consumer demands and have benefited from increased inventory turns. The solution also offers companies the foundation to implement lean or agile manufacturing processes.

Their innovations in the technology space are geared for frugality and will definitely benefit companies currently looking to minimize technology acquisition costs.

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