[YS TV] Subbu, Co-founder, Harnesstouch, an EduTech Startup at TechSparks 2012

Education is on the brink of a revolution in India and technology is enabling it. Founded by two ISB (Indian School of Business) graduates, Subramanian Viswanathan and Kuljit Chadha, Harnesstouch tries to provide a better solution to provide education.

Harness Handitouch Private Limited (Harness) is an education technology start-up with their product, Touch-on-Cloud. It is a tablet and cloud based learning “operating” system which disrupts the idea of classrooms, ICT and learning management systems as we think of them today by bridging the digital-physical divide. Touch-on-Cloud effectively addresses problems faced in current conventional and ICT classrooms such as teacher control and lack of student engagement as it enables user generated content creation, real-time classroom collaboration, evaluation and feedback and content management on the cloud. Developed on HTML5, this learning operating system is platform neutral and embraces the bring-your-own-device trend that has equal efficacy for schools, colleges and coaching institutes.

Harness Handitouch is one of the Tech 30 companies. You can download a complete report here

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