[YSTV] In Conversation With Sachin Sinha, Founder, IQLECT on the Big Data and the Database Landscape

Big Data, Databases, Hadoop and all the other related terms are something of a buzz in the startup field and in the recent past we have seen some very smart people leave their plush corporate jobs to set up shop as solution providers for enterprises with problems in managing large amounts of different kinds of data. Today’s story is no different. This is our conversation with Sachin Sinha, founder of  IQLECT.

An alumnus of IIT Kanpur, he has had an impressive corporate track record with Microsoft and Amazon, before coming away to start up Iqlect. He admits that Iqlect was born from his collective experience in his corporate experience; he was one of the first project managers for the Microsoft Azure project and a lot of what he built with his team is still used today.

IQLECT is currently working towards BigData buffer with compute co-locate for real time analytics as the solution to handle 3V’s of BigData namely Velocity, Variety and Volume

IQLECT aims to build and provide the elastic data framework to deal with high velocity data in linearly scalabale and real time manner. In this regard they are buidling Bangdb, the NOSQL database in multiple flavors. As of now they have released the embedded version of the BangDB which can be downloaded freely under BSD license

Click here to know more about Bangdb and IQLECT.

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