Going Back to The Basics; Bangalore Based Experifun to Bring Smart Labs To The Classrooms

Conversing over a cup of coffee, Vivek Pandey and a professor from IIM-A (Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad) were talking about education in India. The professor asked Vivek, an IIT graduate in electrical engineering, “Why is Laplace the fundamental of so many solutions?” Vivek had no answer to this and got him thinking about his engineering days – did he not understand, did the teacher not do a good job, was it too boring or could there be a different way of teaching?

Vivek realized that the students need to explore, visualize and be intrigued for better learning but more importantly teachers need tools in the classroom to deliver these learning needs. Thus, Vivek started up Experifun along with 3 other co-founders: Ekta Pandey, Rakesh Kumar and Rashmi Singh, who all bring in different backgrounds. They bootstrapped to begin with but very soon got a veteran from the education field as an investor to back them.

Experifun conceives innovative and next generation gadgets/ toys, which are designed and developed in its lab in Bangalore. Smart lab in the classroom, an offering for schools can enable teachers to deliver a higher level of visualization, exploration and excitement to children in the classroom. The Smart lab in the classroom offering is available from Grade 3 to 8 and Experifun plans to sell it to schools directly. Experifun has also been selected by NDBI for funding –DiPP; a Government of India initiative.

Starting in April 2012, Experifun is carrying out pilots in 2 schools in Bangalore and intends to take up more schools soon. “Feedback from schools, teachers and principals has been very encouraging. We’re targeting schools of all tiers and want to take this product to the masses,” says Vivek.

Some of the senior personnel from the industry are looking to work with experifun in its journey since the belief that Indian education system needs change and the road ahead looks promising for Vivek and team.

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