IIT Roorkee Graduates Startup HackerEarth to Empower the Developer Community and Help Companies Recruit Better

Sachin Gupta and Vivek Prakash are hard core programming graduates from one of the premier engineering colleges in India, IIT Roorkee. They have both interned as well as worked with the likes of Microsoft and Google and always stay high on code. Taking this passion forward, they thought of building a product that’ll cultivate the culture of coding amongst more students in India and came up with MyCareerStack. Owing to it’s success, they chanced upon some of the teething problems that the companies face wile recruiting and hence decided to come up with a solution to this. Thus was born HackerEarth.

Watch the video to know their journey:

In this video, Sachin and Vivek tell us about themselves and how they were sure about starting up from the onset. They tried their hands with MyCareerStack which is now a supporting pillar for HackerEarth. The duo take us through their journey and also how they were selected to be a part of the recently concluded batch of the GSF Accelerator (read more about GSF).

Being a part of the system and knowing the psyche of the Indian developer community in colleges, HackerEarth will try and solve some of the prevalent pain points. The idea is to create a platform where coders can come and take part in competitions in a fun way and build a stature for themselves.

This platform will in turn help recruiters hire better and for the students, the encouraging part is that they wouldn’t be judged on the basis of their performance on a single day; it a cumulative effect. Sachin and Vivek elaborate further on how exactly they try to achieve this… Lights, camera, action!

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Jubin Mehta

Jubin Mehta

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