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7 things to ponder over if you’re into ‘sales’

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We’ve heard this a zillion times, and as true as they come, nothing happens till sales happen. We all are selling ourselves or our product/service at every instance. Right from founders, product designers, manufacturers, up to sales team, every individual from front end to back end is in someway selling something- it may an idea, inputs, views or anything else. New trends in businesses today may have changed job title’s to more modern terms, like – Business Development, Client Service, Chief Marketing Officer etc., but logically the task still remains same, that of a ‘Sales Man’. (read about How to do Sales?)

Few essentials which should be considered as basic selling techniques-

1. Customer also Buys YOU : Product that you’re selling is probably being sold by hundreds or thousands of more people. More than just a pure luck factor of being at the right place at the right time, what matters more is YOU. The first thing one sells to a potential customer is the person himself, only then it comes to offer the product. So, make sure you’re positioning yourself well before you move on to the product.

2. WHY your Offering : In this competitive market, your product needs to have a value add for which you can speak. That one distinct value which has the potential to convince the buyer that this will make his life easier.

> I give you a platform to connect with your entire social group; I am making your life easier – Facebook, Twitter, etc..

> I provide you a hand size gadget which allows you to anytime connect with anyone; I am making your life easier. Smart phones, Tablets etc.

3.  Ask the right questions – As a citizen of the sales world, it is very important to act in subtle manner in regards to the kind of person we are dealing with. Every person has a distinct convincing point, and the best way one could determine them for sales prospects is by utilizing the power of asking right questions. There is one selling point where the listener gets convinced, that selling point differs from person to person. Asking few relevant questions, and knowing which is the biggest problem your sales prospect is facing, for which your offering has an solution, could assist to perfectly close the sale.

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4. Stay abreast with trends – Charles Darwin once said, “It’s not the strongest of species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” As a selling professional, it is significant for one to provide the most updated and modified offering to the customer, which is updated as per the trend. Read all you can.

5. Share successful stories – People love stories, romantic stories. Bollywood industry’s glorious power is its biggest evidence. Even in selling, telling a customer about other customer’s happiness story could assist us to close sales, marketing & PR goals faster. Success breeds success.

6.  Set the motive right – Another most important aspect to ensure successful sales is that one needs to really have a genuine motive behind selling. It should NEVER be done for money. You can sell it only if you feel it.

7.   Spend time in analysis & research, as much as in Selling – Proper Research is a must. Doing research and finding the right target audience is half the sale made. As a sales personnel, one has 2 choices, either one could meet and offer the product to 10 prospects every week, or one can spend a portion of time in doing proper research and offer to 5 right prospects.

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