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How Government, private sector and non profit entities are supporting Indian artisans

After an introduction and having understood the problems faced by the Indian artifacts sector, today we take a look at parties/institutions who are helping make a difference in the lives of Indian artisans.

Women1The Indian government, the private sector and non profits are each involved in the Indian artifacts sector but their roles have evolved in silos, with little specialization and much duplication. Since independence, the Indian government has created a number of institutions, schemes and welfare programs for the crafts sector. However, on a policy level there has been no concerted and cohesive effort to address the challenges faced by the crafts ecosystem. Similarly, the private sector has contributed to uplifting artisans through different market-led efforts made by retail chains, high end-fashion designers and a relatively more recent wave of social businesses.

Read in depth about the steps and initiatives taken by these various entities here on Social Story.

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