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[Startup in 60 seconds] Pallav Nadhani, co-founder & CEO, FusionCharts

One teacher I remember, and why
Maths teacher in class IV, who never spoon-fed us; she gave us the freedom to do what we wanted to. Exactly what needs to change in our rote educational system.

Pallav NadhaniOne most valuable work lesson, thus far
Everything you do at work is an experiment. Some go right, some don’t.

One thing I look for the most in a new recruit
Ability and hunger to learn things themselves.

One thought from a book I am currently reading
People do what society rewards them to do.

One tip for time management
Splitting goals by day, next 3 days, this week, this month, this quarter, this year. I use a Trello board for this.

One key thing in my fitness routine
60 km weekly runs/walk, though while travelling it gets hard.

One signal that tells me there is a problem
Silent people around.

One technique for handling anger
Still to figure it out! Guess, avoid getting angry in the first place. :)

One essential ingredient in my investment portfolio
Understanding of each instrument.

One good thing about the new generation
Hunger to prove themselves!

One worrying thing about the young
I need this thing…yesterday!

One thing that clinches a deal
Putting yourself in the shoes of the customer.

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