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In general, entrepreneurs get molded when they actually face some problems in real life and then they sit down to make the next big thing happen. One such very famous example is the story of RedBus’ founder Phanindra Sama. Here is the story of Aditya and Tejasv who are also solving a problem they faced in real life, that too while in college; and with a simple aim to make sure that no one else faces the same problem as they had faced at Delhi University, they have developed a marketplace called Bookelivery.

Aditya tells us that like every other student each year at the beginning of college they used to run to the “book-wallahs” for purchasing textbooks, but availability and prices were always distressing. So they built a platform where students can actually buy or even rent books without even sweating it out. It is at present a platform for students of Delhi University, and Aditya informs us that they shall be soon expanding to other universities.

Bookelivery works on a zero inventory model. When they receive order, they contact their partners and tie-ups and then collect the books and deliver. Aditya remarks that they ensure 24-hour delivery. Till date they have delivered 30 orders worth more than Rs 20,000.

How Bookelivery Works?

Some of the user appreciations which Bookelivery is proud to flaunt,

It was great. The books are in a great condition and at affordable prices
– Disha (History (H), Gargi college)

Amazing service, quick delivery, no hassles, easy transaction! Amazing venture started by you guys.
– Rishi, SRCC

No journey is a journey if it is easy, quips Aditya. He also informs us that there was a time when they were almost ready to ditch the idea. But, they decided to take the risk and start up, and that leap of entrepreneurship is today standing tall with their operations going strong as each day passes.

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