Facebook partners with Russia’s biggest search engine, Yandex

Yandex FacebookFacebook has cut a deal with Yandex  granting  full access of its public data to Russia’s biggest search engine. Yandex, which is widely used in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Turkey, poses  a significant competition to search engine giant Google. With more than $ 20 billion in revenue, the company also offers a browser, cloud storage facility (similar to dropbox) to about 50 million users. It has a  market share of  60%  in Russia.

Facebook has been eyeing the untapped Russian and Chinese markets for some time now and this  partnership will help it  garner more users from Russia. Reportedly,  this deal can be visualized as free advertising on Russia’s Google. Two social networking sites, VKontakte and Odnoklassniki, are  more popular than Facebook in Russia.

Yandex already has data access  from Twitter, VKontakte and Live Journal. This partnership will  help Yandex refine its results from  social conversations obtained from Facebook. However, private posts in Facebook  will remain   off limits. Another search engine that uses Facebook data is Microsoft’s Bing.

According to a  popular tech blog,  the other side of this partnership is a big data play. Yandex can use this  publicly available data and incorporate it in  its search algorithm to improve  search results.

Privacy issues with Facebook

Privacy  on social media has always been a concern  and this has been an issue with  Facebook at regular intervals. Having been sued a lot of times over privacy, we hope  this partnership  does not fall prey to  lawsuits.

Third party customers use Facebook to track their users’ activities. These customers should utilize  data carefully and be aware of the risks involved.   We recently heard Facebook was being sued over scanning of inter-personal messages and using  conversation data  for advertising.

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