Mad Street Den: Artificial Intelligence for your apps

Mad Street Den (Mind Abled Devices) dabbles in artificial intelligence. Co-founded by neuro-scientist Anand Chandrasekaran, it aims to build machines that can replicate certain human elements, making them more ‘intelligent’ and relevant.

Its offers a cloud-based MAD stack that can be incorporated into existing or upcoming applications. The idea is build certain AI pieces and make them readily available to the world, saving a developer (or other users) a large amount of time and infrastructure that would otherwise be invested in building these features.

Mad Street Den’s first product is in the vision space – by integrating the AI features, the mobile application can actually detect when you blink. While this may seem trivial or a low utility functionality, the ultimate aim is to service big sectors like security and healthcare through analytics and different use cases, some even beyond our imagination.

Mad Street Den has been featured at MobileSparks, hosted in Bangalore last December.

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