Mobiles can help create not just a consumer revolution but a citizen revolution: Pronita Saxena, NextDrop

NextDrop Logo

NextDrop is a social enterprise which provides accurate and reliable information about water delivery in regions with intermittent supply. It is revolutionizing the way people interact with governments and public services.

Lunched in 2011 out of UC-Berkeley project, NextDrop is a communication platform between residents and valvemen.

NextDrop’s Smart Water Supply Message Service has over 25,000 subscribers paying a monthly fee to receive advance water alerts at Rs. 180 for 12 months. Here’s how it works:

  1. Valvemen calls an interactive voice response (IVR) to give advance information of when the valves will be opened in a particular area.
  2. NextDrop will generate SMS updates which will be sent to citizens 30-60 minutes in advance.

To sign up, give them a missed call at 07795590931. They will call you back to get your address and work with you to ensure you are receiving accurate messages about water supply.


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