Piquor photo booths: a win-win for customers and brands

Rohan was at a bar in Gurgaon with some friends. After a few rounds of drinks, they stepped out for a smoke and there they saw a fancy photo booth with a screen. They posed there and took some fun pictures of themselves that can be emailed or directly shared on social media. The photo booth is an interesting concept. The customer gets a chance to have some fun at the spot and the branding on the photos gives the consumer brand advertisement.

And in between the two, sits Piquor.


Piquor Booth is a stylish ‘social photo booth’ for visitors to pose, capture and share photos. The company was founded by Pranjal Prashar, Vineet Chauhan and Arpit Gupta in 2011. Pranjal and Vineet are MBAs from IIITM while Arpit is an IIT Delhi alumnus. Before starting up Piquor, Pranjal was with Aujus, Arpit with KPMG and Vineet with IDBI. Recognizing the rise of social, the trio started out with Piquor to provide innovative marketing solutions.

The photo booth is the primary solution they’re providing at the moment. “Photos and videos are growing at a rapid pace and Piquor tries to tap into this trend to help brands market better,” says Pranjal. There are more than 350 million photos shared on Facebook everyday and online media has quickly moved away from text when it comes to sharing. Over the years, Piquor has tied up with brands in Gurgaon and Bangalore and the booths have registered more 2,00,000 unique interactions. More than 80,000 people have shared the photos on Facebook. “Apart from engaging users, the booth also gathers user info and provides enough flexibility to execute short surveys over the screen. The Piquor platform tracks usage and metrics along the way,” says Pranjal.

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Piquor had raised a seed round in 2013 from angels and has now partnered with a Canada-based brand as well. The hardware for the booth is provided by Piquor for which they have tied up with a manufacturer and the entire data management is also handled by Piquor. “Our focus has always been on the consumer and we knew that if we have traction on the consumer side, it’d be easy to get the brands on board,” says Pranjal. Piquor is now present in bars, restaurants, exhibitions and has marquee clients like Audi, Pepsi and Google. The next phase of growth involves expansion into the US and more parts of India, starting with Mumbai.

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