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This is election season in India and there is no escaping the political fever. Right from television to newspapers, social media to blogs everyone’s debating politics. So much so that even during the overs break in the on-going T20 World Cup cricket matches, advertisements by political parties keep the tempo of the election season going.

Amid allegations of media manipulation in favour of particular political parties, there is no guarantee that the poll surveys conducted by them is not without any bias. In such a scenario here is an option for you to analyse how various parties are trending, which parties are getting more percentage of vote and mind share by using a mobile app called Voting Line.


Using Voting Line one can do specific analysis such as trends across various education groups, income groups, cast and religious groups. This is real time in nature and all the voting that is done by app users is used to present the voting trends. The app is available across Android, iPhone and Windows.

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“A user can analyze the current political trends in the country through this phenomenal Voting Line app which not only helps the users to decide the right leader for the nation but will also help users to analyze the current scenarios, opinions and stand of various political parties in real time,” says Gangadhar Heralgi, co-founder Monocept.

The app is powered by Monocept in enterprise development across mobile, Web and Cloud. Monocept has developed utility mobile apps like Lost My Wallet, IRCTC SMS booking and console kit among others.

With Voting Line users can vote for both Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha candidates of their choice on a daily basis and see how India and the Indian states are trending. It facilitates the users to view the voting percentages of various political parties on a daily and monthly basis and the reports are prepared based on the votes casted by the users of this app.

The report generated by Voting Line can be viewed and analyzed by various verticals such as state, age, education, religion and so on. The information about the users and their voting opinions in the voter profile stay confidential.


In terms of traction, the app amassed close to 1,000 downloads over the past three weeks. “We are getting around 25-50 downloads on a daily basis across all age brackets,” adds Gangadhar. Besides common users, Voting Line is also getting warm response from political parties. Apart from national parties, we get inquiry from regional and smaller parties to add their symbol and agenda on the app,” says Gangadhar.

Pointing out the business opportunity with Voting Line, Gangadhar says, “Going forward, the app can also be used by soap operas, reality shows and sports like cricket to engage audience and voting,” adds Gangadhar. Voting Line plans to monetize the platform by offering it to players in the above segments.

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