ForumCon offers entrepreneurs great networking and business opportunities


ForumCon is right around the corner and if you’re an entrepreneur who’s looking for some fruitful new business opportunities, it could be the perfect conference for you to attend.

The annual one day conference is hosted by San Francisco-based startup VigLink and is scheduled to take place this year at the Kabuki Hotel in San Francisco on June 19th. The focus of the conference is on bringing forum owners and various types of online publishers together to talk shop, discus trends, and share tips and tricks for increasing revenue.

Last year the conference hosted a number of panels that explored topics ranging from successful online publishing practices to developing new forum softwares, with discussions led by a handful of industry leaders. With hundreds of professional publishers and forum owners in attendance, ForumCon offers a one of a kind networking and learning opportunity that any smart entrepreneur would want to take advantage of.

It’s obvious why forum owners and publishers would want to attend ForumCon, but why should an entrepreneur want to go? Well, there are a number of reasons, but the first and arguably most important is the networking opportunity that exists at a conference like this. Most ForumCon attendees are professional bloggers, publishers, forum owners, and marketers who are looking to grow their business and network with other professionals. There is no shortage of great ideas and great content at this conference—two things that any entrepreneur can help turn into a successful online enterprise.

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The second advantage that a conference like ForumCon can offer entrepreneurs is the ability to invest in an already successful online venture. According to VigLink’s recent Q4 Content Commerce Report, online forums generate the second high earnings per click (EPC) of any online site, trailing only coupon and deal sites by a small amount. Forums offer advertisers access to highly targeted and niche audiences, which means that their traffic is much more valuable to brands than editorial sites and blogs. This means that if you find an already successful forum and invest in it to help it grow even larger, you can generate extraordinary amounts of advertising revenue.

The third and final reason that you should attend ForumCon as an entrepreneur is simply to see what types of sites, content, and products are finding success online and where the trends are. It’s always important as an entrepreneur to have a good grasp on what’s popular and to try and stay ahead of the curve. Conferences like ForumCon that debate the future of online publications and upcoming trends will offer you unrivaled insights into the marketplace and may even help you find the next big thing.

So, while you may not be involved or even familiar with online forums, that doesn’t mean that you don’t stand to gain anything from a conference like ForumCon. In fact, the reality is quite the opposite—ForumCon can help you expand your network, learn new things, meet new people, and potentially present you with your next big business venture.

To learn more about ForumCon and book your ticket, visit their website at ForumCon.com.

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