The Benefits of Joining a Startup Accelerator: An Interview with Saif Akhtar


A startup accelerator can give any new company a welcomed boost by offering them a range of helpful services including office space, networking opportunities, and connections to investors. Spartups is one of those accelerators, and in this recent interview from Redwood City, California, Murray Newlands is talking to Saif Akhtar from Spartups about the benefits of joining an accelerator, and what sets Spartups apart from the rest.

To find out more, watch the full interview below:

These are they key takeaways from the video:

  • Spartups is a San Jose-based startup accelerator that offers a 3-month program for early stage startups and specializes in customer development—an area that Saif says most early stage startups neglect. He tells us that the first half of Spartups’s program focuses on customer development, beta testing, and customer acquisition.
  • In the interview, Saif shares his tips for companies looking to join an incubator. He advises that you do your research and understand what the requirements are for the specific accelerator you’re looking to join. Saif tells us that a lot of incubators ask for large portions of equity in the company, and adds that Spartups asks for only 2% equity for access to free office space, their network of mentors, and a list of other specialized support features.

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To find out more about Saif and the Spartup accelerator, visit their website at

About the author

Murray Newlands is YourStory’s US Correspondent and Deputy Editor of Search Engine Journal. Murray founded The Mail in 2013, an angel-funded startup publication covering performance marketing and mobile marketing. Murray is an advisor to a number of bay area startups and has authored several books.

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