Communicasia Product Showcase I – file sharing, mobile marketing, VoIP, analytics, event apps and more

One of the most attractive features of attending mobile industry events such as Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona or Communicasia in Singapore is not just the discussions in the conference but the discovery of emerging mobile players and startups from around the world. In earlier columns, we looked at startup showcases at MWC from Catalonia, South Korea and Spain as well as photo galleries of some of the booths and hardware products at Communicasia.


In this series of showcases from Communicasia, we profile emerging companies and software products from the UK and Australia; in the next showcase we will look at companies from Southeast Asia. Are these your potential competitors or partners – or do they trigger off new ideas for your own offerings?

1. Withinity

Withinity is a mobile marketing platform launched by London company iPixel. Shoppers can receive targeted deals and information based on their exact location even when they are indoors. They can be tracked right down to the aisle they are and receive alerts just as they are about to make a purchasing decision. “Mobile devices can now intelligently advise and inform you over things that are highly relevant to you and your exact whereabouts,” says iPixel’s CEO, Anan Saminathen. Even in the age of e-commerce, an estimated 90% of purchases are still done in the physical stores. Withinity helps bridge the online-offline gap in retail.

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2. ZinWave

Zinwave is a global provider of wideband active Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) for in-building wireless coverage. It supports all frequencies and services between 150MHz and 2700 MHZ from a single hardware layer. New services and frequency bands can be added on demand. Target markets are hospitality, utilities, corporate enterprises, healthcare and public venues.

3. Sefas

Sefas specialises in customer communication and documentation management to assist organisations from the conception through to production of personalised communication support. Offerings range from transactional templates and collaboration tools to brand control and call-centre correspondence production. Dashboards help view end-to-end communication assets and documentation. Sefas recently acquired French software company eLettermail, whose solution Hubmail centralises email communication in large organisations such as banks and government agencies.

4. VoIPswitch

VoipSwitch is a product subsidiary of Voiceserve, an applications development company that is focused on VoIP softswitch platform solutions for global telcos. The services are interoperable with other established VoIP standards and systems. Infrastructure solutions include Class 4 and 5 capabilities as well as session border controllers. The company has successfully implemented over 15,000 VoipSwitch systems around the world. Features include flexible billing, PIN-less calling cards and custom IVR scenarios.

5. Anecsys

Anecsys blends proprietary technology and a global team of translators to deliver fast and accurate professional translation services. It helps brands from across the world communicate in 96 languages, thanks to over 5,000 translators across 138 countries. It also offers localisation, cross cultural training and more. The professional service delivery team ensures a smooth integration of technology for consistent provision of services, customer service and quick turnaround times – even for the most difficult of languages.

6. BlueDot

Bluedot Innovation specialises in high precision location-based services and payments. Customers and merchants can avail of instant payments from any location, dynamic pricing and an acceleration of the sales process. Clients are medium to large businesses across a broad range of industries, with a special focus on transport and toll roads. Solutions are optimised to avoid excessive battery drain on smartphones. Other applications include mobile parking payment systems and freight monitoring.

7. Dubber

Dubber allows users to start recording calls within their Web browsers, with no additional software, plugins or hardware. You can make a call to anybody from a browser and record it. Calls received to toll free numbers can also be recorded. Newer offerings include Sync for integration with cloud platforms, and enhancing call recording across multiple platforms.

8. Business Intelligence Technologies

Business Intelligence Technologies (BIT) provides information processing solutions to industries that process large volume of data. Target sectors include healthcare, life sciences, telcos, banking and retail. The company has presence in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, the Middle-East and India, and has a range of R&D centres. Raghu Iyer is the Founder and CEO of BIT. Their advisory board consists of world-class doctors and scientific experts in IT and life sciences. The company was recently awarded MSC Status (multimedia super-corridor) by the Malaysian government.

9. Knosys

Knosys is a knowledge management (KM) product, providing solutions for indexing, collaboration and decision making. It Indexes and tags information in the platform and beyond into external and legacy systems, guides users through complex business processes by presenting information in a tiered and manageable form, enables employees to identify experts and work through the task together. KM can help make companies smarter and more productive, thus preserving institutional knowledge while operating in an easy to use and contemporary interface.

10. Showzapp

Showzapp is a company built from extensive experience in the events and exhibitions industry. Its offerings include trade event apps that manage lead generation, brochure downloads, order management, shortlisting and procurement. Dashboards show RoI for exhibitors and organisers from different kinds of tradeshow activity. It helps visitors with event making and helps exhibitors organise, track and manage competitions in realtime which blend online activity with offline footfalls.

11. Podzy

Podzy is a file-sharing product designed for the security-conscious corporate client, and claims to go beyond others like DropBox. It offers client side encryption, and splits data to be stored in multiple locations. It integrates with existing file systems, and regularly manages syncing and collaboration. Podzy can be used in cloud and on-premise configurations. It was founded by database expert Rob Linton to combine the security of an on-premise, customised file sharing solution with the functionality of popular file sharing software.

12. Novatti

Novatti enables telecos, banking and alternative payment network service providers to extend their product portfolio – taking robust, integrated payments services to market faster and more cost-effectively. Its offerings include consumer digital wallets, electronic top-up, mobile money, bill payment, remittance services and electronic voucher distribution. With demand for alternative methods of transferring money rapidly growing, the products address the need to focus on individual customer needs. Partnerships with cloud providers and telcos have been established.


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