[YS Meetup] How to build hardware startups from India

Let’s admit it. Hardware is tough. Hardware has no set benchmarks (at least in India). Hardware requires you to put metal and wires together.  And putting together a team to make a real tangible hardware product is difficult.

But it’s 2014. Hardware is back. And ‘Hardware is Sexy’.

We, at YourStory have been noticing some very good hardware startups emerging from India. To list a few: Grey Orange Robotics, Wello, Ezetap, CarIQ, GetActive, CarIQ, GoQii, Lumos, Brahma3 and many more. We believe that this hardware revolution in India is here to stay. But discussions need to happen. And what better way to do that than bringing these people together.

YS Hardware Meetup

We invite all startuppers, founders, CEOs, techies, hardware geeks and anyone who has an interest in hardware and tech, to come together and share their big and small successes, failures, challenges and everyday aspirations in building hardware startups from India.

The team from DosaMatic – the world’s first automatic tabletop dosa-making machine, will be there to share their insights from building and manufacturing a completely ‘desi’, Made-in-India product.

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About the speakers

abheek bose robot saliveAbheek founded Robots Alive in May 2009 with the focus of developing robotics technology from ground up within the country. Before Robots Alive, Abheek had short stints with software as well as mechanical design firms in Calcutta, Trivandrum and Bangalore.

RobotsAlive – is a young and vibrant team of individuals who are working towards being in the forefront of the robotics revolution will also be sharing their journey and challenges. RobotsAlive specializes in design and development of robotic and automation technologies for Industry, Education and Consumer Markets. Watch them in action below

EshwarEshwar K Vikas, co-founder, Mukunda Foods (DosaMatic) is a foodie and built the machine for himself to make the yummiest dosas in town. He likes being a workaholic and writing great stuff.

We visited the Mukunda Foods facility at Bangalore. Watch DosaMatic, the team and the manufacturing facility in action below:

Join us on 20th June, Friday on the YourStory office Rooftop for this meetup.

We hope that through this meetup, you will gain enough insights to grow your hardware startup, meet with your peers in the same space. And we are sure that if you haven’t started yet you will have enough inspiration to start your own venture!

When: 20th June, Friday | 6-8 pm

Where: YourStory Office, Bangalore


About the author

When he is not over-analyzing random stuff, Abhash likes to read a lot and write a little. He has helped co-found Gyan Lab, an education startup while still at college. Most of the time, you can find him hanging out with startuppers and go-getters.

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