TechSparks 2014: What’s in it for entrepreneurs?


Opportunity to showcase your product offerings to a wide audience (yes, its going to be ‘real’ wide, curated and far reaching audience)

Pitch to investors and corporates (again, be assured of great curation and senior representation from this community)

Find potential business partners  (it has to convert into Dhandha, it can’t be noise and promotion without result, lets go and get it)

Recruit from the wide pool of developers and tech/startup enthusiasts who attend our events (after all you and me and us and all of us, will be there)

Meet journalists, bloggers and social geeks (the best have already confirmed  and how can they miss it :-))

Business deals +Talent + Funding + Partnerships + Media = everything you need to scale your business at one go!


Come be a part of India’s most popular and mainstream Tech Entrepreneurship Carnival

We are waiting to hear from you – get in touch with us right now!

Free Download: ‘A beginner’s guide to app store optimization’



Thanks to our sponsors Sequoia Capital, AWS and Verisign for their continued support with TechSparks 2014.

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