Wegilant launches Appvigil, a cloud based Android app security scanner


Wegilant is a Mumbai based startup founded by Toshendra Kumar and incubated at IIT-Bombay’s SINE Incubator. The company was started in the middle of 2011 and primary deals with IT security. Wegilant offers strategies, capabilities, and technologies necessary to help businesses preemptively protect Web applications and IT infrastructure from threats. A services company, Wegilant has started making a foray into the products space, first with Blackhound. And now, Appvigil.

Appvigil is an advanced security loophole scanner for Android Apps. It help developers/QA managers/App Store administrators identify security and privacy vulnerabilities during app development life-cycle and reduces the chances of being damaged on production level where cost of recovery is huge. “Appvigil gives a report that provides exact location of loopholes with patch recommendation and in turn serves developers with more time to create awesome features for Android Applications,” says Toshendra.

Appvigil performs a bunch of analysis (Semantic, Structural, Lexical, etc) and produces human readable result which can be analysed by the developers. “Appvigil scans the security loopholes in android mobile apps and keeps your code healthy and strong. Appvigil lets you know how stable is your code,” says Toshendra. Android has its own security best practices but Appvigil and other apps in the area sit on top of it to ensure security.

The product has just launched and the company is on boarding developers to test out the product and validate its need. Wegilant has been in the IT security space for a considerable amount of time and it has done multiple audits- Network Security, Wireless Network, Website Security Audits, Security Compliance Audits and IT Security Policy formation & auditing. A growing team of security experts, Appvigil is their second product which will try to shift their reliance from services and move towards a more product-based model for the company. Toshendra and team has managed to build a nice balance between services and how they use it to slowly move towards building more products.

This is a broader trend we see with more and more companies trying to do this (more established examples would be Zozolo, PRM Fincon, etc.). Closer to the app space, there has been a phenomenal rise in the development and usage of apps (see this list of made in India apps with a million+ downloads). With more and more apps coming up across the globe, players like Appvigil have a huge market to go after and find a mark.

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