[Startup Watchlist] Five startups that caught our eye this week

Check out which startups we have in the spotlight this Monday
Check out which startups we have in the spotlight this Monday

This newsletter marks the beginning of the second month of the Startup Watchlist! The first month saw more than 720 people subscribe for the newsletter which was an offshoot of this column. See our previous newsletter here and subscribe to get the complete list each week! Here are the five startups this Monday:

1) LoudCell

LoudCell enables diesel generator owners to save fuel costs by helping them to reduce operational wastage, improve efficiency, and control pilferage. The cloud based application provides detailed and sophisticated data analytics to give the user complete picture and history of fuel usage/consumption and efficiency in power generation.

Why is LoudCell on the list?

  • A team of seasoned entrepreneurs using technology to make an impact in a huge neglected area!
  • The names of customers haven’t been disclosed but the list includes two well known names in auto component manufactures, one of the largest builders, select customers in SME segment, educational institutions, etc. Andd customers have reported savings in the range of 20-75%.

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2) Witworks

Witworks is a collaborative invention startup that helps maker community with design, operations and marketing of their products. Its web platform enables anyone to join the community and submit ideas solving everyday practical problems.

Why is Witworks on the list?

  • Manufacturing for most makers is a big barrier to bring their ideas to reality, Withworks is empowering people to validate ideas and then manufacture.
  • They have successfully launched and shipped their first product – Rewind, a headphone accessory that prevents cords from getting entangled to few hundred backers.

3) Testbook

Testbook aims to give a One Stop Personalized Learning Experience to students globally through its technology and quality content. Testbook started out with preparationg for GATE and has now also included Aptitude and SBI tests.

Why is Testbook on the list?

  • Test preparation is the hottest sector within education. There is a lot of competition but the space also holds more monetization chances.
  • Early traction- The testbook team has managed to get about 45000 registered students so far who have solved more than 21 lakh questions in 7 months’ period.

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