Copy Editor - English [Brand Solutions Team]

Bangalore, India

If your cringing inwordly while reading this sentence than you just mite be who we’re looking for. Especially if you spotted all six mistakes.

YourStory Media, India’s go-to platform for stories of inspiration, entrepreneurship, and following your startup dream, is looking for copy editors for who can take the art of storytelling to the next level.

What will be your role and responsibilities?

You will work with the Brand Solutions Team and will be working closely with the writers, reviewing and editing their content to ensure that the content that goes back to the clients is in sync with YourStory’s editorial guidelines, and is fine tuned with zero error before it goes for publishing.

We expect you to give special attention to headlines, sub-heads, social media posts and other promotional material so we can expect more and more readership and views on our content.

You will be responsible for engaging with the writers to highlight areas of improvement and guide them to improve their content presentation skills.

We will also be required to understand the client's brief (on a campaign’s objectives and key messages) and work along with the writer to make the content effective.

You will also be guiding and mentoring junior and new writers to get them up to speed with the team’s working style; and to also hold regular feedback sessions with various writers to help them improve their content writing skills.

Additionally, you’ll also get to work on standalone projects/campaigns alongside the client servicing team where you’ll be expected to participate in the capacity of a writer as well as present strategic inputs in making the overall campaign more effective.

You’ll also be working with video production and other creative teams to help them with their content needs or review the content they are using.

What will make you ideal for this role?

Experience of 8+ years in content creation and management, especially copy editing.

Extra credits if you have worked with a media house before, preferably in the digital space or an advertising agency.

You have an exacting eye for detail and love the nuances of the English language.

You should know and understand all things tech, startups, entrepreneurship, and the country's economic landscape … and more.

You should be a team player, someone who can lead and guide, and also, can support and follow.

You should be agile, responsible, professional and willing to go the extra mile if your team needs you!

A degree in Journalism, Mass Communication or related areas, though not compulsory, will be preferred.

How to apply?

Send an email to [email protected] with the subject line "Application for [Copy Editor - English [Brand Solutions Team]]"

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