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In 2008, Facebook, Google and Amazon had become buzzwords in India, steering the limelight away from domestic tech behemoths to an aspirational New era. In Mumbai, a young media executive disenchanted with mainstream channels noticed these early signs of change. She had been writing a blog on young entrepreneurs harnessing the brave New online world, and decided she would startup herself.
That blog became YourStory–an identity Shradha Sharma insisted on because she wanted it to be the voice of the voiceless, to tell the stories of the common person determined to lead change. Stories that mainstream media didn’t care to be bothered with.
YourStory embraced this bold New breed of entrepreneurs in a New India. It became the only platform to celebrate entrepreneurship and innovation, nurturing and empowering India’s startup ecosystem. Over the years, YourStory has helped create a formidable category, fostering a collaborative environment for India’s burgeoning startup ecosystem with multiple stakeholders, including entrepreneurs, investors, and a very involved government. Without a doubt, YourStory has distinguished itself as the most influential, credible, loved, and sought-after voice in the Indian entrepreneurial space.
Our Purpose
YourStory is India’s foremost chronicler and enabler of positive change. We place great trust in the power of listening to people, and in the ability of stories to inspire and empower. For a decade-and-half now, YourStory has provided the context for what’s possible. Through the tales of thousands of changemakers who have braved multiple limitations, YourStory has served as a catalyst for a better India. While riding with and charting the journeys of startups that are now billion-dollar companies, the Unicorns, YourStory continues to serve as the voice of multiple yet-unheralded entrepreneurs and other ordinary folks making a positive difference in society. And all on the same platform. YourStory has listened to and stood by every voice no matter their standing because their stories need to be told. Because they need to be able to access the same opportunities and chase the same dreams as those who have made it. That, in essence, is YourStory’s raison d'etre: to strive for an Equal India.
Our Promise
Be the voice: Even as we write on major developments in India’s fast-growing startup ecosystem and on companies that have outgrown their startup stripes, we remain true to our DNA–to be the voice of anyone and everyone striving to be changemakers and disruptors. Every voice matters.
Be an enabler of positive change: It’s easy to be negative. Staying positive despite the odds requires effort. Whenever entrepreneurs and changemakers and other everyday heroes find themselves in the rough, we will always be available to hear their stories, their struggles, and strive to provide avenues that will help them succeed.
Be authentic: We will always stay true to our path, building and evolving a platform of positive change for millions of Indians. While we are infused with a positive bias, unlike traditional media and even some newage digital avenues, we are committed to remaining an authentic ally to entrepreneurs and changemakers, as well as to our loyal audience.
Champion integrity: In all our activities, including our journalism, community building, and our revenue-making, we never compromise on our core principles and values. We will never allow our platform to be available for agents of negative change. Our strong sense of integrity stands at the forefront of all that we do.
Equity and Justice: We don’t have a reason to exist if we aren’t passionate about seeing entrepreneurs and changemakers succeed. That involves proactively being an enabling platform so anyone striving for a greater purpose has access to fair and equal opportunities. We shall always be striving for an Equal India.