Program Manager

Bangalore, India

Program Manager will be responsible for building the brand in the start-up ecosystem, creating an effective outreach strategy to generate partner leads and manage start-up engagements with the overall objective of building technology capabilities for various corporates.

Core Responsibilities:

1. Ecosystem Development

- Is familiar with the Indian startup ecosystem; has awareness of and is a possible

participant in the relevant entrepreneur circles

- Responsible for driving the growth of the company related to ecosystem development, including startup & advisor outreach, mentor on-boarding and envisioning partnership opportunities

- Represent partner corporates externally, raising awareness of the brand and creating opportunities for meaningful engagement with key stakeholders within the wider ecosystem of startups, investors, corporates, and partners.

- This will involve hosting relevant events with a different set of audiences (talks, one-on-one

engagements), participating in conferences and speaking engagements, networking, and more.

- Providing business guidance on external marketing and communications.

- Manage incoming applications/leads and evaluating technologies in different domains for

various curated start-up engagement programs.

- Creating the New and Different – The ability to develop creative ideas and question

conventional approaches. This includes re-evaluating current approaches and suggesting and/or implementing new ideas, looking into the future to create innovative and unconventional solutions, and working with others to generate multiple ideas in a structured way.

2. Program Management

- Manage programs from envisioning to completion with a focus on a process-driven


- Scope projects, develop and communicate objectives, timelines, and goals with a clear vision of project objectives

- Assisting in drafting MOUs / contracts / partnership plans with startups, partners, mentors. 

- Collaborating across team functions for various projects and campaigns.

- Expanding and further driving the startup network. 

- Manage, control, and mitigate risks across multiple, projects by analyzing and identifying trigger events; establishing contingency plans; and influencing leadership to take action on

these recommendations.

Desired Skills & Experience:

  • Strong analytical skills, sales, brand solutions, client management, understanding of startup ecosystem, stakeholder management, strong communication skills, program management, market research, community building, problem solving. 
  • Relevant work experience of 2-4 years. 
  • Prior entrepreneurial or startup experience would be a plus
  • Demonstrable knowledge and experience of working with innovation programs and corporates. 

Expected number of positions: 2

Location: Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune.

Ideal Start Date - Immediately.

Our team will call you if your application is shortlisted after screening.

How to apply?

Send an email to with the subject line "Application for [Program Manager]"

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