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Market understanding
Customer Centricity
Flipkart CEO on ecommerce innovation for T2/T3 penetration
Kalyan speaks about how e-commerce has only been optimized for the top 10-12 cities of India, and how Flipkart is building the tech stack to sell in Bharat
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Upskill. Get Ahead.
Learn the craft. Upskill. Get Ahead.
Brand Building
Design Thinking
Human Resources
Product Management
Finance & Legal
Amway India CEO talks about the huge boom in India's gig economy
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Kit Up. Start Up.
Learn the art and science of running a startup
Product Market fit
Setting up your company
Market understanding
Go to market
Business models
Gauarv Hinduja on building effective parnerships with banks and platforms
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Personal Development
Foundational skills to become a better you. Everyday.
Personal Growth stories
Stories of Success
Decision Making
Importance of Money
Crisis Management
Emotional intelligence
Managing yourself
Critical Thinking
Dealing with Failure
Establishing Trust
Ex-Army Karthik Venkateswaran on the inspiration behind Jumbotail
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Startups & Life skills
Life Skills to thrive in the startup world
Scaling your startup
Work life balance
Corporate Social responsibility
Culture and Values
Customer Centricity
Business Philosophy & Fundamentals
Diversity & Inclusion
Managing your business at scale
Dealing with Competition
Building teams
Satyan Gajwani on the evolution of Times Internet
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