Cloud Camp and Yahoo Hadoop Summit : YS Exclusive

The CloudCamp and Yahoo Hadoop Summit was held today at DAYANANDA SAGAR EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS, Bangalore. The event was organized by CloudCamp in association with Yahoo! Research and Development India. Microsoft Azure was a sponsor.

The CloudCamp portion of the event saw Lightning Talk sessions ( 5 mins for each speaker), Unpanel, Open Spaces as well as many traditional presentations. The Hadoop track was held in parallel with CloudCamp and had some really interesting sessions and was followed by a Panel Discussion.

The CloudCamp Open Space sessions held today were:

  • Introduction to Cloud Computing
  • Windows Azure : Hands on Demo
  • Session on Apache Mahout
  • Business models on the cloud
  • Databases on the cloud
  • Multiple Storage Layers for Hadoop
  • Security in the cloud
  • Cloud Storage
  • Session on Google App Engine

The Hadoop Track included

  • Data Management on Grid
  • Machine Learning using Hadoop – Real Case Study

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  • Hadoop in University Research
  • Industry Talk
  • Challenges and Uniqueness of QE and RE processes in Hadoop
  • Tuning Hadoop to deliver performance to your application

Followed by this there was a Panel Discussion which was moderated by Basant Verma, Yahoo. The participants were Dr Mohan from Infosys, Chidambaram Kollengode from Yahoo, Jyothi from Yahoo Hadoop Team and Dr Sudha from PSG College of Technology. They discussed a range of issues pertaining to cloud computing and answered questions from the audience.



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