Badri Sanjeevi of Mauj Mobile on digital convergence & delivering seamless user experiences

MaujWe at YourStory recently caught up with Badri Sanjeevi, Chief Operating Officer, Mauj Mobile and Mobango to gather his thoughts on digital convergence. Badri is a speaker at the India Digital Forum scheduled to happen on the 29th of July 2011 in New Delhi, where he’s going to be talking about how convergence impacts companies like Mauj Mobile.

Mauj provide mobile internet platforms and content distribution services to Indian and international telecom and media companies. Mauj is also widely regarded as the pioneer of mobile internet in India.  Mobango, a subsidiary of Mauj Mobile, is one of the world’s largest independent mobile applications stores and has over 1.5 million applications, games and UGC content available globally.  Mobango has a global customer base having served over 700 million downloads globally already.

Both Mauj Mobile and Mobango are a part of the Anupam Mittal-led People Group, which owns interactive websites such as Shaadi.com, Fropper.com, Makaan.com and Astrolife.com. The group has been funded by Sequoia Capital, Intel Capital, Silicon Valley Bank and Citibank. Given below are the excerpts from the quick chat with Badri.


What does digital convergence mean for a growing ‘interactive’ conglomerate like People Group?

People Group is a consumer business focused group with our key properties Shaadi.com, Makaan.com, Mobango application store, etc. essentially being large direct-to-consumer marketplaces.

We have over a decade of experience in developing world class products, building large consumer base and enabling our community to fulfill their needs.    All these services are delivered digitally – across mobile and internet platforms.    Digital convergence for us is the ability to provide seamless user experience across multiple platforms and drive customer delight.

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What are your expectations from the India Digital Forum? How do you intend to harness it?

India Digital Forum brings together consumer marketing companies, service providers, payment gateway providers, advertisement solution providers and other key innovative companies.  This forum enables a very high quality of networking for senior professionals.  I look forward to establishing new connections, strengthening existing ties and most importantly, through the sessions, update myself about what the key trends are in our industry.

What are the themes/topics that do you intend to cover in your talk at the India Digital Forum?

Mobango is the world’s second largest independent application store.  We drive nearly 1 million downloads a day.  We are seeing key trends in consumer behaviour and the role of appstores for the end consumer.    Also, we are in process of conducting a large consumer study.   Findings from consumer behaviour on Mobango and the results of the study is what we will share at the forum.

To attend India Digital Forum, meet Badri and a host of other accomplished speakers, click here. Also, do let us know what you think of this story by writing to us at feedback@yourstory.in.

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