The Morpheus Adds 12 new Startups to its “Gang”


The Morpheus today announced its 6th batch of startups for their Startup Accelerator Program (SAP). The Morpheus team, as usual, managed to uncover and nurture some amazing technology startups in this batch as well.

Here is a sneak peak into the companies:

PicoVico is an online platform that allows you to convert your photos into amazing videos. In few very simple steps, video is made from photo set. Varieties of themes and music of your choice adds flavor to the video. is your source for photo etching and personalized gifts. utilizes state-of-the-art laser engraving combined with a master craftsman’s eye for detail to produce top quality laser engraved products & gifts, perfect for any occasion.

Checko offers small and medium sized retail outlets a robust and simple online system to manage customers, rewards and deals anytime / anywhere.

Zepo lets you set up your e-commerce shop within a few minutes.

Flote is an attempt to make messaging and reminders more useful to a user. Currently, they have the iPhone version in closed beta.

LoreMate provides chapter wise notes for engineering students.

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Classpro is a simple online software for coaching classes. Coaching center owners use Classpro to simplify fees collection/fee management,time table scheduling, managing their students records and fees,auto sms fees reminder and to analyze their coaching center performance.

IIM Jobs: is an exclusive job board for MBAs from premier business schools in India.

Secpanel promises to ensure your server security in 60 seconds.

Plivo can be used to build almost any kind of telephony application – from simple click-to-call systems to complex applications like IVRs, Voice-mail Systems, Billing Systems or even a full-fledged Call Center Application. Imagination is the limit.

Posist is a cloud based restaurant management system.

iDubba allows  people to easily find shows and movies of interest so that they can watch TV at their preferred time with preferred interests.

WorkMonk is a platform where Indian skilled workers can work from their own home.

We at will keep a track of how these startups scale in the next few months to come, and keep you posted about the progress. However, with the committed Morpheus team backing these ventures, we are pretty sure that some of India’s next biggest startup success stories, will come out of this bunch. Watch out. 

Detailed interviews with all the above mentioned startups, to follow soon on

The Morpheus is accepting applications for Batch 7. Last date to apply is 3rd December, 2011. Visit

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10 thoughts on “The Morpheus Adds 12 new Startups to its “Gang”

  1. @AnkurSingla I thought I did, but on looking up I am not to find ur visiting card. Had it for your previous venture ‘Karoza’ I m not sure if I have said the name right.

    Anyways, if u can then share any of ur contact details.

  2. Sure – please do feel free to reach out to me. I would be very happy to discuss. You’ll have my contact details I’m guessing.

  3. @AnkurSingla

    Dear Ankur, I would be happy to speak to you about this, I have spoken to you before also and know how good are you at SHAs.

    But before being very confident you should consider finding out more details too. Shall connect you with the 2 alumni startup founders that I know who are in pain because of this in a separate email to you.

  4. ABC – you are on drugs. I’m a part of their portfolio and there is no such clause. In fact the term sheet they send is the most entrepreneur friendly doc you’ll see (trust me, I was a corporate lawyer before turning entrepreneur).

    You can call me or email me if you want and I can even explain the details.

    Please don’t do a disservice to the nascent startup ecosystem by talking crap.

    With love,


    Founder @ Akosha

  5. These morpheus guys are thieves. They put a clause in a terms sheet where they equity they have taken will never get diluted. Which basically means no matter how much capital a company is able to bring in their equity percentage will basically remain absolute and would not get liquidated.

    Hate these guys like anything, and strongly suggest to people who are applying there to speak to alumni companies about this.

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