Gozoop: An Innovative Digital Agency That Is Bringing SocialLoyalty and Social Commerce to the Forefront in India

A number of digital agencies have sprung up in India over the past few years. With internet businesses mushrooming simultaneously, digital agencies and social media consultancies are having a field day.

Mumbai based startup, Gozoop, started when co-founders Rohan Bhansali and Dushyant Bhatia met for lunch one day. Ahmed Naqvi, the third co-founder, and Rohan were already working together at RAASTUDIOS, a graphic design and web development shop. In early 2010, social media was still at its nascent stages in India, and though they did not have in-depth knowledge about the social media space, they decided to give it a shot.

Gozoop is not your run-of-the-mill digital agency. Besides the obvious services like social media consultancy, lead generation, viral campaigns and SEO/SEM services, Gozoop puts in a lot of effort in R&D and creating innovative services and solutions. One of Gozoop’s first in-house products,, deals with social commerce and social loyalty solutions. Gozoop has a mobile division as well that develops mobile apps. One of Gozoop’s incubated ventures,, is set to have a beta launch soon. It is a consumer review portal.

Social Loyalty

Gozoop has a couple of social loyalty products:

  • Social Loyalty – Top Loyal Fans
  • Social Loyalty – Reward System

The first app allows brands to keep a track of their ‘brand influencers’ on social media. It is an extremely useful tool for brands to keep a tab on their most engaging and loyal fans. The second product allows brands to analyse and sync their brand loyalty across Facebook, Twitter, website, apps and games. Fans can be rewarded with custom points and have redemption in a turnkey solution.

Zozolo – Social Commerce

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“Zozolo provides a social commerce solution that runs completely inside Facebook as well as on your own website. All of this is centrally controlled by an easy to use admin panel, with multiple role-based administrators, avoiding you the hassle of maintaining two different Order and Inventory management systems,” informed Dushyant.

Value-add for the brand:

● App can be installed on the brand’s Facebook page
● The look can be customized using Zozolo’s DIY Store Front designer
● Highlight products and offers

Value-add for shoppers:

● Buy products or add them to their ‘Wishlist’
● Get advice from friends or recommend products to friends
● Like and inquire about products

The other interesting feature is that all actions of the shoppers are posted on their walls. It also appears on the newsfeed of both the shopper and their friends. While browsing through, the store shoppers can check out what their friends have bought.

“At the moment, we have hundreds of clients across Middle East and India using our social commerce and loyalty solutions. 8% of our overall revenue comes from this product – I’d like to ideally see the figure touch 25% by March 2013,” said Dushyant. “While our credentials include several successful campaigns over Facebook and Twitter, our venture Zozolo had been selected by Mashable as one of the top 10 hottest young companies to watch out for,” he further added.

Expansion Plans

“We want to grow our market share in products, services as well as our first web business. E-commerce is something we would like to explore. We have worked with over 25 e-commerce portals in India, the Middle East and Singapore over the last 2 years. Once we achieve our short term targets, this shall be the next step,” said Dushyant. “We also want to be recognized as a productive, innovative and nurturing startup incubator in India,” he added.

It took Gozoop 18 months to take a step outside India and establish their first international footprint in Dubai. Their next target is Singapore. They want to establish a strong physical presence in Singapore in the next 9 months. From a team of 6, the Gozoop team has grown to over 45+ in the last 24 months.

The mobile engagement space is growing rapidly in India and has already become a major part of the social media space. This augurs well for Gozoop.

We at will be keenly following the progress of Gozoop and we wish them the best.

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One thought on “Gozoop: An Innovative Digital Agency That Is Bringing SocialLoyalty and Social Commerce to the Forefront in India

  1. A person / consumer on social platform has moved beyond the point
    based reward system. While it may engage him momentarily, it is
    definitely not a long term solution. Attrition off such system is
    as high as 98% in the first week itself. While Go Zoop is going
    totally in the wrong direction on this one, they are scoring clear
    and outright on social commerce. E-Commerce is being inundated with
    players coming into every possible space available, and
    unavailable. The Indian consumer, already cynical, is not taking
    too well to the concept of E-Commerce. While possible market value
    of this sector may look appealing, what will really make a
    difference is how you catch the consumer on the playground that
    s/he plays on. That being one of the reasons why only a handful are
    doing well on E-Commerce, I believe the more likely space to really
    get the consumer is on the social platforms. Social commerce by Go
    Zoop looks promising and I feel instead of providing social
    commerce solutions to others, Go Zoop should consider jumping into
    the waters as a stand alone entity. This could be their new
    business venture they can expand into. They clearly seem to get the
    way of doing it right. Its then simply about getting there.

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