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Zenga TV LogoAn online portal that provides TV services, Zenga TV is a great alternative when you’re on the move and desperately want to watch that cricket match. Upon visiting their site, one can catch the telecasts of a number of entertainment and news channels like Zoom, UTV Movies, Headlines Today, Times Now and the like.

If there were a list of top strategic technologies in today’s start-up ecosystem, most of them would have a common attribute boiling down to the word, mobility.

With the usage of Media tablets, cell phones, mobile centric apps and interfaces only on the rise, all the action from the business perspective whether it concerns  social media, personal communication, work or fun, is firmly moving into the mobile arena.

Zenga TV too, has followed suit and the company now provides mobile based TV services.

We caught up with Mr. Shabir Momin, the CEO of Zenga TV, and what followed was a truly engaging conversation about the intricacies of his business.

How would you briefly describe Zenga TV?

Zenga TV is a mobile and WEB TV service with a lot of content available live and has video on demand services which is absolutely FREE for users.

Zenga’s unique technology works on delivering the best possible mobile TV experience optimized for the type of the device and the kind of network being used. Zenga’s mission is to bring Interactive, Collaborative, On Demand, and Informative Entertainment into the hands of mobile users in an optimized and cost effective way.

Give me an account of the team at Zenga TV.

Shabir Momin
Shabir Momin - the founder

We have put together a team of close to 200 and we work out of 4 locations.

What is your revenue model and marketing strategy?

Our revenue sources are from Handset manufacturers, Advertisements, Content redistributions etc. We haven’t been advertising and we have achieved our current user base by word of mouth. Users who have liked our service have been our brand ambassadors and have spread the word resulting to huge number of users.

What are the different kinds of services that you have lined up?

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We provide live TV channels, TV shows as VODs, Movies, some uncut shows etc.

Your mobile TV service is an interesting feature. What kind of growth is expected in the Mobile TV industry?

We have seen more than 100% growth year on year in the last 3 years, and we believe with handsets improving and their respective prices going down, and with the operators reducing data costs, this particular market will exponentially increase in the next 2-3 years.

What is your USP? Is there a superior technology that gives you an edge over competitors?

We have our own technology which makes us unique, and this technology has the capability to stream on even a 2.5G network directly from the browser without the need for an app. We also consume a very low bandwidth which results in users consuming more video data with the same price when compared to what they would have spent to access other service providers. We have many other attractive features and the ease of usage is a factor that makes us unique.

What are your plans for the future?

We plan to keep adding more Content and keep improving our technology.

Visit their site for news, live action and more here.

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