[Fabulous Startup Workplaces] A Guided Tour of a Modern Day Game Maker; MadRat Games

Children across generation fondly remember their childhood, mostly by the games that they played. While most of them grow up, some have the fortune of staying young. As a part of the YSTV exclusive Fabulous Startup Workplaces series, we visited one such company which is young at heart and is making a change in lives of many a young one in a fun manner. MadRat Games is a mass producer of games across platforms, both virtual and real.

MadRat Games was founded by a team of 3 IIT grads. They moved from the software world to teaching young children at an alternate education center called Rishi Valley School for 4 years. Their flagship product is Aksharit – the first Indian language word game. It has reached 3000 schools in 2 yrs. Its digital versions have been launched in partnership with Nokia (on 5 Lakh touchphones), Intel (AppUp store) and Google Chrome webstore.

Rajat Dhariwal, Co-Founder of MadRat had this to say about the people and work culture, “People in MadRat are generally hyper. They’re very curious and almost restless to a point and at the same time they’re very focused on what they do. Making world class games and products is on everybody’s mind.”

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“When your work is to design games, then play is work and work is play and you’ll see that as you see the office and talk to the people. Its a really fun place to work at,” added Manuj Dhariwal, co-founder MadRat.

So go ahead, click the play button and find out more about this Fabulous Startup Workplace,  its people, the peace room, the SQEAKY process and a fancy old car.


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