Synage Software launches BrightPod, a collaboration tool for marketing teams

Sahil Parikh is a Mumbai based entrepreneur who founded Synage Software back in 2005 and very soon came up with their product, Deskaway, a remote project management tool. The product has gone on to acquire more than 500 paying customers and in an announcement today, Synage Software has launched BrightPod which is a cloud based collaboration app built for marketing teams.

BrightPod Deskaway takes on the likes of BaseCamp and Trello but Sahil says that the approach with BrightPod is directed towards the marketers and has a minimalist approach. “We’re trying to remove all the heavy duty stuff, keep it simple and provide a tool which can be used by all marketing teams,” says Sahil.


Launching with an introductory pricing plan of $20 a month, BrightPod already has more than 150 companies using the software. Having undergone a long beta phase, BrightPod has iterated and launched in the present form which has some useful features like the recurring tasks and editorial calendar (iterations are well documented on the BrightPod blog). Most of the companies are the ones that have been using DeskAway and helped make BrightPod better.

BrightPod Team

Deskaway is profitable and has raised an initial seed round from angels (details are not disclosed). Synage Software is a seven member team and their manifesto reads- “Software should be gracious”.

BrightPod is open for public today and and you can give it a spin here.


Jubin Mehta

Jubin Mehta

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