Small town man Anant Patil wants more people to start farming, launches Agrimahiti

anant Patil AkkimaradiAnant Patil has humble and modest roots. He belongs to a small village called Akkimaradi in northern Karnataka. Anant lost his father, who was a farmer, when he was in the seventh grade. After his schooling, his near and dear ones worked hard to get him into an engineering college in Bjiapur. On completing his graduation, Anant got a job in an IT firm but his passion for agriculture and farming kept him tied to his roots.

While at his job, he planned to grow something new in his agriculture land and started searching the internet for information. “I didn’t get proper information like when to start sowing, how to start, what is the investment and yield as well as market prices, and this made me feel uncomfortable,” says Anant. This is when it struck him to collate information about all the crops and how to grow them, and he decided to launch his startup Agrimahiti. “As a software engineer, I choose this way to educate, train and support young farmers,” says Anant.

Agrimahiti is not your global standard site but a heart-warming effort by a person who is filled with intent to work for a cause. “This website is very useful for young farmers as well as people who want to take up agriculture. They can easily understand what agriculture is and how to start farming? How to adopt new technology and the opportunities in agriculture field,” says Anant. A one-man show, Agrimahiti needs a lot of cleaning up and some verification but the effort behind the content on the site deserves an applause.

Anant also resigned from his job to work on this idea. The revenue model and the whole structure behind the business is still shaping up but the thought process is pretty much in the right direction. “We want to become a marketplace for buyers, sellers and consultants in the agriculture space. We, ourselves will also look into getting into the agri consultancy,” mentions Anant in his email pitch to us. Frontalrain is one of the hottest agri-tech startup in the country along with efforts like Driptech and eFarm. At Anant’s farm back home, sugarcane is the flavour of the season and if you’re looking to get growing, visit Agrimahiti.

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