Flat.to launches the college entrepreneurship program with other startups

Flat.toFlat.to is a real estate listing website based out of Mumbai which helps students find places to stay around their colleges. The startup was founded by Gaurav Munjal who faced the problem of renting an apartment while in college and later went on to startup Flat.to. The company has raised its initial funding from Aakrit Vaish and other angels.

In a recent development, the company has come up with a ‘college entrepreneurship program’ to help students start up really early in their careers. The initiative has been supported by a bunch of other startups like Pricebaba, Deliverychef, Almamater, etc and also The Morpheus Accelerator. The intention is to get more students interested in startups and develop the mindset early on.

On registering, students get access to the mentors on board, internship opportunities at the startups and other resources which will get them up and running in the startup world.

This initiative is a way to increase engagement with college communities which is targeted by Flat.to and is also a part of a larger trend wherein online startups are using offline channels to push their business. Many of the online startups are taking up event-based route to increase engagement- ixigo’s travel mixigo’s, Hitwickets’s cricket meet ups, Flat.to’s college community meetups, etc. Even e-commerce stores are aiding themselves with an offline store like the recent move by HealthKart and MynutraMart and many others. This goes to show that India is still quite some distance away from hitting the critical mass and internet companies will have to come up with innovative ideas to spread awareness.

Know more about the college entrepreneurship program here.

Jubin Mehta

Jubin Mehta

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