Nokia alumni’s pCloudy gives developers access to real Android devices on the browser

pcloudyJaffer Sadhiq, Bhavesh Bhojani and Anil Adireddi have worked together in the mobility domain and been with Nokia R&D in Bangalore for past five years. With a deep understanding of the space, the trio started off with an idea to design a practical and convenient development and testing solution for web/app developers and testers. A year later, they launched pCloudy.

pCloudy is a remote test and development tool for mobile app and web development workflows. The company is bootstrapped and the intention is to give developers a chance to build high quality apps cost effectively. At present, the primary problem encountered by developers is that there are multiple android devices with multiple versions and multiple screen sizes. It becomes hard to test and ensure that your application is running well in all use cases. This is where pCloudy comes in.

Emulators are already available which allow developers to simulate their applications but these have their own set of limitations. pCloudy wants to make the process seamless by giving access to real devices via the browser. “The access to real android devices on your browser is optimized for debugging, testing and collaboration. There are no ports to enable, no application to install, you just need a modern browser,” says Jaffer.

The product is priced at a base slab of $ 65 per month and has been in closed beta till recently. According to the team, the feedback has been good and developers are willing to pay for such a product. Talking about the target market, Jaffer says, “Big enterprises are also our market but they can actually have their own cloud. Our biggest target is the individual developer and small companies which can’t afford to test their applications and websites across devices.”

Signup at https://www.pcloudy.com and get $10 worth of device access.

Website: pCloudy

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