Indian startups that’ll help you plug into the sun

It was yesterday when I landed on this tweet by Rajan Anandan about one of his investee companies- Lumos, a company that makes wearable technology powered by solar energy (and I also stole their tagline for the title). Today being Sunday and that too, the first one of the year, we thought of listing a few startups that’ll help you remain green and harness the power of the abundant sun.

1) Lumos: Bangalore-based startup that makes solar bags and suitcases which help you charge your phones on the go with solar power! Read their story.

2) Sunkalp Energy: Founded by Kanika Khanna, a turnkey solutions provider for alternate energy power supplies for schools, homes and industries. Read their story.

3) LEDPrince: A humble effort by a young man from Himachal, LEDPrince is run by Prince Verma and deals in various kinds of solar products. Read his story.

4) Trilig Energy: Based out of Gurgaon, this startup is in the business of spreading awareness about solar energy and increasing adoption in corporates as well as villages. Read their story.

5) Aditya Solar Energy Systems: A sole proprietorship firm, ASES is engaged in the domain of manufacturing and supplying a wide array of solar products. Know more about them.

With about 300 clear sunny days in a year, India’s theoretical solar power reception on land is about 5000 Petawatt-hours per year (PWh/yr) which is far more than the total energy consumed. So, if harnessed properly, solar energy can be an answer to many of the energy woes in the country. Recent reports have also given positive indications about the state of renewable energy in the nation. Here is the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission Solarishi:


There are many small and big companies doing good work in this field, do drop in a comment if you’ve come across some innovative ventures.


Jubin Mehta

Jubin Mehta

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