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[Startup Jobs Roundup] Exotel, TaxiForSure, Bharat Matrimony and more are hiring


We’re already through with the first month of 2014 and as always, time has flown. As we step into February, the hiring spree is on at full speed and some great startups are looking to hire across domains. Get all the jobs here and here are some of the highlights from last week:


Engineers at Exotel  | Bangalore

Developers at Agile CRM  | Hyderabad

Web Developer at GUVI  |  Chennai

Android Developer at Auberon Mobile | Bangalore

Software Engineer at PromptCloud | Bangalore


Marketing specialist at Vistara | Hyderabad

Web developer and social marketer at ClickDesk  | Hyderabad

Business Developer at ClassPro  | Mumbai

Product Manager at Bharat Matrimony | Chennai


UX Designer at TaxiForSure  | Bangalore

UI Designer at  | Bangalore

UI Designer at MyFriday  | Bangalore


Product and Customer Relation at Exit10  | NCR

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